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Valve Releases Major Updates For Maps And Smoke Exploits

Posted 29th July 2020 By: Derpina    212 Views

Valve Releases Major Updates For Maps And Smoke Exploits - Tipify

Esports News – Valve takes a break from its anti-cheating efforts for a while. For its latest update, the developers focus their attention on CS:GO’s latest additions and major in-game features: smoke exploits and maps.

CS:GO’s two new maps—Swamp and Mutiny—were introduced to the game earlier this month. As new features, these maps still need massive updates and improvements based on players’ feedback and Valve’s observation. The new update brings in balance and patch fixes to both maps.


-Fixed various bird-related bugs
-Opened up corner at Dirt Road near CT Spawn
-Fixed bomb getting stuck on the small boat
-Improved FPS for low/medium shader
-Improved optimisation throughout the map
-Opened up T to B Upper ceiling to allow for grenade usage
-Fixed one way wallbang on B Site
-Fixed rendering issue at the top of B Site building
-Added fade distance to most small props
-Altered some deathmatch spawn positions
-Replaced rocks with flowers by the stairs at CT to A
-Removed foliage in various locations for improved visibility
-Fixed boost spot at elevator near A
-Fixed hidden bomb plant underneath stones on A Site
-Fixed floating church pillars
-Fixed misaligned stone tiles in T Spawn
-Fixed misaligned textures on church
-Improved clipping at various places
-Improved grenade clipping at various places
-Updated Overview


-Performance boost in some areas (2-5%)
-Alligator and frog sounds are lower, less disturbing


-Made brighter background near fence on A-long (CT side)
-Made one of the red plywood covers smaller on A-long (T side)
-Made the A-short room brighter and also made it easier for T to peek angles at the entrance
-Closed gap in CT-spawn where players could boost and peek A-long


-Added wood cover under CW so players can’t peek straight down to A-short entrance (T side)
-Removed a pallet where a player could jump and get stuck


-Improved balance around bombsite
-Added clipping on crane
-Added clipping on streetlight
-Added plywood cover on bombsite
-Removed some of the railing around bombsite for easier movement
-Added electrical box, fence and plywood close to B-entrance for less hiding spots
-Added plywood in corner close to B-entrance for less hiding spots
-Added fence and plywood in water around sniper spot on B-long for easier readability (CT side)

The groundbreaking fix for the game’s smoke exploit was released last year. It was one of the major updates in 2019, and some even recognized it as the very thing that protected CS:GO’s reputation and integrity in the gaming community. For the new update, which wasn’t included in CS:GO’s patch notes last July 27, players found out that a bug from the smoke exploit has now been patched by Valve and no longer works.

This smoke bug allowed players to turn smokes invisible without the knowledge of other players. It was useful and beneficial to many. More than that, the trick doesn’t trigger VAC. Valve noticed the situation and updated the smoke exploit immediately.


Written by Derpina