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Shanghai Dragons #1 In Overwatch League Regular Season

Posted 17th August 2020 By: Derpina    78 Views

Shanghai Dragons #1 In Overwatch League Regular Season - Tipify

Esports News – With the incoming conclusion of Overwatch League’s regular season, we’re now a few stages away from the grand finale and even more exciting Overwatch match predictions coming your way. At this point, we’ve determined the dominating teams closely competing for the season 3 title. On the first spot of the standings is Shanghai Dragons, the notorious Chinese team that did not win a single match in the inaugural season of the tournament.

The tables have really turned in the third season of OWL. The ‘no-win’ team in the first season is now the first-place team in this year’s regular season. Shanghai Dragons dominated all their matches from February to August. The Overwatch team only lost two matches this season and made up for it by featuring multiple MVP candidates and earning two out of three Asia Pacific (APAC) tournament titles. Considering all these achievements, Shanghai Dragons’ run this season may just be one of their most dominant showings as one of the league’s twelve founding members.

Shanghai Dragon’s position is followed by other dominating teams in the Atlantic division. Here are the current regular season standings at the time of writing:

Place & Team

1st – Shanghai Dragons
2nd – Philadelphia Fusion
3rd – San Francisco Shock
4th – Paris Eternal
5th – Guangzhou Charge
6th – TBD
7th – TBD

Two more teams fill in the 6th and 7th positions until the last day of matches on August 23. All teams are set to play 21 matches, originally 23, to determine the teams moving on to the playoffs and grand finals. Some teams competed in the Countdown Cup, a standalone Overwatch League tournament, before concluding their regular season matches. San Francisco Shock, the third-place team in the regular season, won the Cup after defeating Philadelphia Fusion in the grand finals.

While waiting for the deserving teams to claim the remaining positions, Shanghai Dragons can take a well-deserved rest for the remainder of the regular season and prepare for the post-season tournament. The Chinese team is now one of the heavy favorites heading to the gauntlet-style showdown against the same APAC region teams and the most-awaited grand finals with the participation of teams from the Atlantic division.


Written by Derpina