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ESL One Germany Returns As An All-Online Tournament

Posted 16th September 2020 By: Derpina    89 Views

ESL One Germany Returns As An All-Online Tournament - Tipify

Esports News – ESL is delighted to confirm that they are moving ahead with a new Dota 2 event to conclude 2020. ESL One Germany returns this year as an all-online Dota 2 tournament featuring 16 of the best teams from Europe and CIS, and a $400,000 prize pool. The tournament takes place from October 5 to November 1.

Competing teams

12 of the teams are directly invited by ESL, while the remaining four will earn their spots through Open Qualifiers this month. Team Secret, the defending champion, is one of the directly invited teams. Powerhouse teams like Alliance, OG, and Team Liquid are also on the list.

Teams who wish to compete in the Open Qualifiers can register on ESL One Germany’s official website. ESL will release more details about the qualifiers and the complete list of invites soon, but here are the confirmed teams who have already been invited:

Team Secret
OG Esports
Team Liquid
Ninjas in Pyjamas
Virtus Pro
Natus Vincere
TBD (Direct Invite)
TBD (Closed Qualifier)
TBD (Closed Qualifier)
TBD (Closed Qualifier)
TBD (Closed Qualifier)

Tournament format

ESL One Germany has regional qualifiers, group stages, and playoffs. The group stage kicks off on October 5 after the four participating teams from the Open Qualifiers are determined. The 16 Dota 2 teams compete in a SWISS format with five rounds of BO3 until October 20.

Teams need at least three wins to advance to the next stage of the tournament. But only the top eight teams will proceed to the playoffs, which will begin on October 23 and follow a similar format as the group stages. Teams have one day off for at least four days, so each participating squad has time to rest and recuperate before the grand finals on November 1. The final match is in BO5.



Open Qualifier #1: 19 – 20 September
Open Qualifier #2: 22 – 23 September
Closed Qualifier: 25 – 27 September

Main Event:

October 5 – November 1

Prize pool distributiuon

1st Place – $150,000
2nd Place – $80,000
3rd Place – $45,000
4th Place – $25,000
5th – 6th Place – $15,500
7th – 8th Place – $12,000
9th – 11th Place – $7,500
12th – 14th Place – $5,500
15th – 16th Place – $3,500


Written by Derpina