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League of Legends Clubs To Shut Down By The End Of 2020

Posted 11th September 2020 By: Derpina    90 Views

League of Legends Clubs To Shutdown By The End Of 2020 - Tipify

Esports News – Bid farewell to your Club tags soon as Riot Games just announced the removal of the social feature on League of Legends. The developer vowed to focus on building the actual game client and LoL’s auto-battler game mode, Teamfight Tactics.

From Riot Games’ recent blog post entitled ‘Sunsetting Clubs’, Jared ‘Riot Karadwe’ Neuss, the Director of Production on Modes, Teamfight Tactics, and League Labs, detailed the shutdown of Clubs on the League Client and League+ mobile app in the near future. Clubs are social groups in the game that players can freely create, organize, and control. Up to 50 players or accounts can simultaneously communicate with each other in these Clubs.

Riot Karadwe enumerated various reasons behind the shutdown. Although the main goal is to focus on the actual clients of its published games, the developer also wanted to adapt to new technologies.

Using the growing community of LoL players on communication apps like Discord as an example, Karadwe admitted that LoL’s Clubs are starting to become outdated:

“Tools to develop, cultivate, and manage communities have come a long way over the years…For companies like Discord, helping communities and friends talk is their primary focus, and when you compare the feature set of a product like Discord with that of Clubs, our version of a tool to help foster team communication and social inclusion, the disparity in the experience becomes extremely clear.”

Clubs are vying for the attention of LoL’s developers, so Riot Games wanted to shut it down and focus on more League features that can compete with Discord and other industry leaders.

Additionally, Riot Karadwe also cited technological constraints as a secondary reason. The Club feature is made of internally-developed systems and third-party software. However, these external components are no longer fully supported by the game and their previous developers. “It has begun to do what all technology does over time—degrade,” Karadwe added.

Riot Games plans to turn off Clubs during preseason at the end of 2020. The preseason serves as a transition point in the cycle of League of Legends. Karadwe promises to give more updates in the coming months.


Written by Derpina