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Valve Highlights 2020-21 Plans After Community Backslash

Posted 7th September 2020 By: Derpina    59 Views

Valve Highlights 2020-21 Plans After Community Backslash - Tipify

Esports News – The Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2020 season remains on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And for that, Valve suffered from multiple organizational issues. Third-party esports organizations cancelled their DPC minor tournaments; players faced visa processing and self-quarantine issues, and sponsors pulled out of their 2020 deals.

This week, Valve faces yet another issue on the surface. The organization has received backlash and criticisms from the Dota 2 community. Fans and players claim that Valve has been unsupportive of the competitive scene after the cancellation of all DPC tournaments.

Valve immediately responded to the criticisms through a blog post. The organization assured the public that there are concrete plans on the table.

“We’ve heard a lot of complaints recently about the state of DPC and we agree that there is more that we should do. We wanted to use this blog to walk you through what happened before, what our thoughts were, and what we will do going forward,” Valve says as the organization highlights all their plans from Spring 2020 onwards.

Spring 2020

Valve clarified that despite the immediate cancellation of DPC events, they updated the public about their plans to delay The International. Valve started pre-booking arenas for various alternative dates and countries around the world to hold TI10 when the pandemic ends. Furthermore, Valve also began researching on how to properly execute large gaming events in ‘the new normal’.

Summer 2020

Valve and international health experts believe that the volatility of the pandemic had grown significantly in the summer of 2020. As such, the organization announced that cross-regional play would be unlikely for a period of time. However, they will give minor leagues and sponsors a chance to operate.

“While neither the cross-region competition nor the relative distance to The International are absolute requirements, we felt the DPC as both a function of The International and also as a coherent product for fans would be better served by holding off on them for now,” Valve said.

2020-2021 General Plans

Moving forward, Valve detailed their plans for the upcoming competitive season. Fans and players can expect at least four third party events and leagues in EU/CIS, three in China, and other regions. The rest of the tournaments are still in their preliminary planning stages.

Valve already reached out to other tournament organizers to offer help and financial support while the DPC is on hiatus. The organization hopes to increase the coverage of the Dota 2 competitive scene globally for the rest of 2020.


Written by Derpina