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DreamHack Open Winter 2020 Coming This November, December

Posted 27th October 2020 By: Derpina    112 Views

DreamHack Open Winter 2020 Coming This November, December - Tipify

Esports News – DreamHack, the organizer of the world’s largest LAN party, vowed to end 2020 with a bang. DreamHack and top sponsors Corsair, Monster Energy, Intel, DTS, and MSI will host two more Open CS:GO events from November to December with a combined prize pool of $200,000.

Tournament format

Both online tournaments feature a $100,000 prize pool, eight competing CS:GO teams, a best-of-three regular format, and a best-of-five grand final. All participants are determined through the ESL World Ranking and a series of regional qualifiers across Europe. The November event targets Nordic teams, while the December one is geared towards the Iberian region.

DreamHack will continue to host events that are fully played online, so teams from the two events participates from their own regions while fans follow the action through broadcasts from the Monster Energy DreamHack Studio in Stockholm.

Qualifiers and slot distribution

DreamHack Open November runs from November 26 to 29. The slots are given to the winners of the following events:

  • Europe ESL World Ranking
  • Norwegian League
  • ESL Championship Poland
  • Elgiganten Ligaen S15
  • ESL World Ranking
  • ESEA Qualifier
  • ESEA Qualifier
  • KOVA*

DreamHack Open December runs from December 10 to 13. The slots will be given to the winners of the following events:

  • ESL World Ranking
  • ESL World Ranking
  • ESL Masters España
  • Iberian qualifier
  • ESL World Ranking
  • Europe ESL World Ranking
  • Europe ESEA Qualifier
  • Originem*

*KOVA and Originem are currently the only two teams invited in the event. The former won Telia Esports Series Season 3, while the latter secured the DreamHack Showdown Summer title in July.

Tournament schedule

Day 1

Group A – Match #1
Group B – Match #1

Group A – Match #2
Group B – Match #2

Group A – Elimination Match
Group B – Elimination Match

Day 2

Group A – Winners’ Match

Group B – Winners’ Match

Group A – Decider Match

Group B – Decider Match

Day 3

Semifinal #1 – A1 vs B2

Semifinal #2 – B1 vs A2

Day 4

Grand Final


Written by Derpina