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Riot Unveils New LCS Academy Format For Amateur Leagues

Posted 17th November 2020 By: Derpina    67 Views

Riot Unveils New LCS Academy Format For Amateur Leagues - Tipify

Esports News – It’s not in Riot Games’ vocabulary to sit still. The esports developer and organizer continues to improve the League of Legends competitive scene every offseason. This year, LoL introduces major changes to amateur and Academy leagues to the 2021 season of the LoL Championship Series (LCS).

The future looks bright for amateur and Academy LoL teams in North America and Canada. Riot plans to create a new tournament ecosystem to determine the best LoL squads in regions outside of the professional LCS.

New Format

Qualified amateur and Academy teams compete against each other in one ecosystem. Instead of having an Academy Playoffs and Finals, the two divisions get a chance to qualify for the LCS Proving Grounds, the end goal, and platform of the new league.

To make it into LCS Proving Grounds, amateur teams have to start at Tier 2 tournaments and earn enough points for the next tier of tournaments. Teams with the highest number of points earn a spot in the Proving Grounds.

Tier 2 tournaments are hosted by third-party organizers not affiliated with Riot and the LCS franchise teams. These tournaments are organized through an application process. There will be multiple Tier 2 tournaments per split; the number of competing teams is determined by organizers in collaboration with Riot.

LCS Academy teams, meanwhile, ARE placed into either Tier 1 tournaments or directly into LCS Proving Grounds. Their placements depend on their standings after the regular Academy season.

Tier 1 tournaments are organized by teams, sponsors, or third-party organizers licensed by Riot through an application process. There will be three Tier 1 tournaments per split, offering teams three chances to qualify into the LCS Proving Grounds.

Dominating teams from all stages and tiers can show what they’re capable of to get scouted by professional LCS franchise teams in the Proving Grounds. A total of 16 teams compete in the last stage to be NA’s best outside the LCS.

This new tournament ecosystem for the LCS is open to North American and Canadian teams, third-party organizers, brand sponsors, and amateur teams unaffiliated with an LCS organization. Scouting starts next year.


Written by Derpina