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Gankster’s Dota 2 Matchmaking Platform Is Now Live

Posted 17th February 2021 By: Derpina    1729 Views

Gankster's Dota 2 Matchmaking Platform Is Now Live - Tipify

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Esports News – Gankster, a competitive management and matchmaking platform for Dota 2, is now available to the public for free. The program was previously an exclusive platform used by registered amateur and teams that competed in pro Dota 2 events,  including OG Esports, Team Secret, Team Liquid, and Alliance.

“Level up your esports team! Whether you’re a professional organization or an aspiring team, gankster makes it easy to manage your daily operations. Join our competitive network and discover relevant teams, schedule practices and analyze your matches. Gankster’s open beta is now live,” said the company on its official public release.

How Gankster Works

Gankster functions like a real-time social calendar for amateur and professional teams to match with each other. It allows organizations, teams, and individual players to manage scrims, gather insights from past matches, and create events in-sync with other players.

Gankster features built-in scheduling tools that allow organizers to easily and accurately check available teams and set up time slots for scrims; a discover function that lets players search for other teams based on rank, region, and competitive tags around the world and across specific in-house leagues; a reputation system that lets users check potential opponents in minutes; and a Discord notification feature that alert teams about upcoming requests and scrims.

Before going public, Gankster addressed security concerns recently pointed out by players and Reddit users. The developers have been listening to the public’s feedback since they launched the beta in January. These security concerns involved issues surrounding a player’s personal match history, LFS, and scrims. Now, the platform’s match data is not available for third-party access anymore. Match histories are also saved separately for all the teams involved to eliminate bug issues.

The platform is currently being used by powerhouse professional Dota 2 teams, but it could also be a valuable tool for aspiring professional players to expand their network and find worthy opponents.

While the platform is free for all users and intended to target Dota 2 teams of all levels, professional teams who are willing to pay for a premium subscription will be entitled to more efficient scheduling and matchmaking features. The developer also intends to feature other esports aside from Dota 2 in the future.


Written by Derpina