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IEM Katowice 2021 16-Squad Roster, Match Dates Revealed

Posted 18th February 2021 By: Derpina    1609 Views

IEM Katowice 2021 16-Squad Roster, Match Dates Revealed - Tipify

Esports News – Global CS:GO action resumes on Thursday at IEM Katowice 2021’s double-elimination group stage. ESL, the main tournament organizer, released the 16 competitors competing for the title and the lion’s share of the $1,00,000 USD prize pool from February 16 to 28.

Tournament format

The 16-squad roster is composed of eight invited and eight qualified CS:GO teams from the Play-in stage. The roster is split into two double-elimination group stages where every match is played in a BO3 format. Two teams directly advance to the semi-finals, while four teams head to the quarterfinals. All matches are in BO3, except for the grand final which is in BO5.

Competing teams

Russian team Natus Vincere, crowned champions of IEM Katowice 2020, tries to defend their title this year. The journey wouldn’t be easy as this year’s lineup once again includes all the top-ranking teams from ESL Pro Tour.

The group stages feature an interesting pool of opening matches and compelling CS:GO odds to wager on, especially in Group B where FaZe and Team Liquid face each other three times in one week. The group will also see the most-anticipated CIS clash between Natus Vincere and Virtus.Pro.

In Group A, we have Astralis taking on Mousesports, the underdog team who booked their final spot on the main stage after defeating Complexity. G2 and Evil Geniuses, meanwhile, will get to face CIS powerhouse teams Spirit and Gambit.

Group A

Denmark Astralis (Denmark)
Evil Geniuses (United States)
G2 Esports (Europe)
Heroic (Denmark)
Gambit (Russia)
Spirit (Russia)
BIG (Germany)
Mousesports (Europe)

Group B

Vitality (France)
FaZe (Europe)
FURIA (Brazil)
Natus Vincere (Russia)
OG Esports (Europe)
Team Liquid (United States)
NIP (Sweden) (CIS)

Match Schedule (Group Stage)

Thursday, February 18:

19:00 United States Evil Geniuses vs Russia Gambit
19:00 Europe G2 vs Russia Spirit
22:30 Denmark Astralis vs Europe mousesports
22:30 Denmark Heroic vs Germany BIG
02:00 France Vitality vs Europe OG
02:00 Europe FaZe vs United States Liquid

Friday, February 19:

19:00 Brazil FURIA vs Sweden NIP
19:00 Russia Natus Vincere vs CIS


Written by Derpina