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Overwatch 3.05 Brings Recent Experimental Changes To Life

Posted 16th February 2021 By: Derpina    1443 Views

Overwatch 3.05 Brings Recent Experimental Changes To Life - Tipify

Esports News – Blizzard Entertainment released the new set of experimental patch updates for Overwatch as an official part of the game. The latest updates focus on balance changes that affect heroes Orisa, Reaper, Winston, and a number of in-game features. With respect to the updates, we expect these updates to bring more unexpected action to the Overwatch League 2021 table.

As always, Overwatch’s development team used the 2-2-2 Role Queue ruleset so players would know how these experiments might affect live games. Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback from players, all experiments released last week are now live.

Let’s take a look at Overwatch 3.05 patch notes:



  • Prevents critical headshot damage while the effect is active

This update will see if Orisa’s Fortify can be more reliable at preventing serious bursts of incoming damage and more consistent as a defensive ability.


Hellfire Shotguns

  • Spread has been reduced from 8 to 6
  • Damage per projectile has been reduced from 7 to 6’

Reaper’s shotguns already have high damage potential, but the targets must be large in size and in close range to fully utilize their potential. With the new update, Blizzard extended the device’s range and lowered its maximum damage each shot.



  • Base Armor/ Health has been redistributed from 100/400 to 150/350

Winston’s general update can now help him further withstand shotguns, beams, and weapons with a high rate of fire.

Wrecking Ball (Grappling Claw)

  • Knockback strength has been reduced by 25%

The developers believed that Winston’s Wrecking Ball was already too powerful, so they tried to reduce its strength by 25%. This could also potentially reduce the ball’s distance when it moves enemy players.

Aside from balance changes targeting heroes, Overwatch patch 3.05 also deployed a small retail patch for other internal and external features in the game.

Bounty Hunter

  • Bounty targets will now lose their target status if they take too long to get a kill


  • The dev team fixed a bug within the Bounty Hunter game mode where the Target status could become unavailable if the active Target left the game.

Overwatch patch 3.05 is now available across all platforms. Players can see the changes through PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.


Written by Derpina