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A good list of csgo sites to gamble on?

Hello Tipsters! I like CSGO betting for free so I search for links for all the gambling sites, so that I can use as many promo codes as possible xD. Currently I use on the article but I already used all their gambling sites so if you guys can provide me with a Keep reading...

What’s going on with site?

Welcome everyone, I have a question. What’s going on with site? I mean, tipsters list isn’t updating, giveaways for winners from April, May and June are dead and no one from owners is even active to save site. I really like Tipify since I started making tips in March and I want to know what’s Keep reading...

Tipsters list not updating

Hello guys, It seems that the problem from this topic: continues, either that or it’s not registrating my tip, but on my profile it appears. Thanks, keep up with the great job.

Free betting tips

free betting tips, 6/8 yesterday , come check us out!

Premium worth it ?

Is it worth to buy premium? seems like no one cares about this site anymore, nothing get fixed (especially the layout problems), there is currently only 1 tipster from tipfify who actually makes predictions and you get all of this anyway without premium. id love to support this site, but i dont want to support Keep reading...

Website bugs

Hello everyone, i hope there is no other thread, i searched and didnt find anything, if so, just link me there please and close this. Anyways, my website is quite broken. I get everywhere html signs and everything is quite fucked up tbh. Especially the Upgrade site. i tried different browers, all failed. Is there Keep reading...

whats wrong with giveaways

hey guys, the giveaways havent worked for a while i wonder whats wrong could anyone give me some info hwats going on please? thanks 🙂

Singularity vs. KPI match

Well, this Singularity vs. KPI match is in a BO3 format, altough in the site there was BO2 game. You will cancel it or what?

Mods Needed

Hi guys, I’m looking for some help keeping tipify running, this is now a hobby for me so I’m managing the code and servers in my spare time but struggling to find the time to help the site thrive. However, I’m going to be away (for my wedding/honeymoon 😀 ) for 3 weeks starting next Keep reading...

Tipsters tips are not showing in the tip sheet anymore

Anyone know why this is happening, how do I fix this? Thanks.