eSport betting tips: United we bet!

How To Become a Tipster on Tipify

1. Create an account

TIpify Log-in








Use the steam login button found HERE to connect your account, if you already have an account, it’ll log you in. If not, it’ll create a new account for you.





 2. Find your match

Starting from the homepage or one of our dedicated eSports pages i.e. CS:GO or Dota 2. Click on the ‘Call it’ or ‘View’ button on any match available. We cover almost all matches available on betting sites, so there’s usually something to leave a tip on.

Once the page loads, scroll down until you see the ‘Leave a Tip!’ section like the screenshot below.



3. Leave your Tips



Now you’re logged in, use the section on the left labelled ‘Make a prediction’ to leave your two cents.

a. Select the team you think will win.
b. Set your stake using the slider.
c. Click the check button to confirm your selection.


After the match

After the match we’ll load the scores and calculate your winnings (this can take a few days to come through), once done it’ll appear on your Tipster profile. You can access this via the top right hand corner of the website by clicking on your name or avatar.






Tipster ProfYour Tipster Profile

Once you’ve got some tips recorded on Tipify your ‘Tipster Profile’ will start to fill itself out.

What’s on your tipster profile? Take a look at these examples from the best tipsters on Tipify, ex. RazorCrestZodiac or merce.






4. Keep track of your ranking on our leaderboard and keep leaving tips to be the top Tipster!

If you think you have what it takes to compete with the best tipster on Tipify, check out our Monthly Tipster Competition and test your skills! We have amazing prizes for our tipsters every month!

Tipster Competition