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Echo Fox


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2016/09/22 01:00 UTC

Winner OpTic Gaming
OpTic Gaming

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Echo Fox vs. OpTic Gaming

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Alrighty so the first map between these two is Dust2 and then they will play Train. These two did play earlier in the month, at the very start and EchoFox actually took it 2-0 however that was when OpTic didn’t have Yung Turik and when OpTic weren’t looking as sharp as they do now, so take it with a pinch of salt. Especially take it with a pinch of salt because this is EchoFox we are talking about. EchoFox is that team in NA that can beat any NA team but can also lose to any NA team, so it really is quite tricky. EchoFox were the first team to beat C9 in the ESL Pro league yesterday and I mean you really wouldn’t expect it, somewhat at least. I will favor OpTic slightly here for both matchups however. OpTic themselves have looked really solid recently, beating the likes of SK in a BO3, TSM, Renegades, Immortals, just all around good  results while when you compare them with EchoFox, EF has good reuslts but they are up and down a lot more often. Plus I just overall think that OG are the better team here, when all of their players are feeling it they become insanely dangerous and definitely one of the best NA teams right now. OG has shown their weaknesses, even with this roster however so you can’t get overly confident. Gotta be careful on Dust2 here seeing how EF beat C9 on it, however then played it right afterwards again and got rekt, so goes to show how maps can be random at times and just depend on individual performances in these BO1’s. Overall, really high risk so be careful but I will favor OG 60-40


3% OG under 67%, otherwise 3% EF

My odds = 60-40 OG

My risk = High

My bet = 3% OG under 67%, otherwise 3% EF

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Echo Fox 40:60 OpTic Gaming

Second map of this double header and this time I feel like OpTic should have this game in the bag, they are extremely good on train and already showed it against pretty solid teams such as Immortals, Heroic and TSM, I mean that come back against Immortals was just insane, OpTic lost the first half 3-12 on the CT side, then lost the second pistol round and were down 3-13, i was sure it’s already over, but then OpTic won 11 rounds in a row tied it at 13-13, lost one round and again won the next 3 to win the map 16-14, that match was just insane.

Echo Fox didn’t show anything special on train, sems like they don’t play this match all that much, so far they played it 3 times after the break, managed to beat Luminosity and compLexity but got wrecked by Immortals, so once again, the map is great for OpTic and they are simply better than Echo Fox at the moment, this match should go in their favor and I’d go with yet another small bet, this time on OpTic though.

My odds for this match: Echo Fox 35:65 OpTic Gaming

Don’t reallly understand the odds right now on the first map for two BO1’s. D2 is a map that OpTic have clearly been trying to bring into their map pool, but apart from a few close games, they have yet to really take down any scalps on it. This is also a map that Echo Fox really love to play and one they have had really good performances on before. I really do have to recommend a bet on Echo on the first map at these odds. The second map is Train. It is a map Echo are okay on, but a map that OpTic really loves to play. They showed against IMT how good their T side can be, even after a bad CT performance. I will go LOW on Echo for D2, and LOW on OpTic for Train.

My odds for this match: Echo Fox 60:40 OpTic Gaming


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