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Quickshot Arena

Best Of 3
2015/09/03 18:00 UTC

Winner NR


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NR vs. Aposis @Quickshot Arena

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Out of the 4 teams competing, I would say that NerdRage has a very good chance at taking this whole thing without too much struggle. The only team there which I think may give NR a run for their money is SpaceS, but then again, NR is slightly better than them. The first place prize for Quickshot is $1500 while the second place gets $500. Before I start on their previous games, I should mention that ‘schneider’ is filling in for ‘hMp’ according to the listed HLTV lineup. For those that don’t know, schneider is a Swedish player who is quite decent, and used to play for Property/1337. He is a great T2 player and I think that he will be able to offer more than hMp in terms of fragging. As for chemistry, I’m not too sure.

Their most recent match was also their first match in Quickshot, with that being against the second best team, SpaceS. This was just a few hours ago. It was a BO2, and NR won it with a clean 2-0. The first map was Inferno and it went to the final round, but ended at 16-14 when NR was able to pick up the last round. The second map was less of a struggle for NR, and they won Mirage, 16-9 and closed off the series on a high. The day before that, NR took a series against D&G, 2-1 for D!ngIt.

Overall, it has been a pretty solid performance given out by the NerdRage fellas. One thing you have to watch out for is the fill in for hMp, schneider. It’s never a really safe all in when stand ins are present, however I still do think NerdRage have an extremely good shot at taking this series with ease.


I haven’t heard much about this team in all honesty, and judging by their records, the players have only played two matches under this name. One against Dignitas and one just earlier today. All the players are from Norway, so communication shouldn’t be too much of an issue here. So getting on, Aposis had their first match in a few months just today against the Playing Ducks. Surprisingly, the Norwegians took the series, 2-0 against the Germans with relative ease. The two maps were Mirage (16-12) and Inferno (16-8). I’m not really sure what to say about these guys. Their HLTV page hasn’t given much information out about them.

Their ESL team page also shows them as not being active in the league since June. Not really sure what to say about these guys, but according to the HLTV match page, k0na was playing very well and consistently, dropping 47 frags in total and playing pretty well overall.


NerdRage should take this match fairly easily, considering that their fragging power is looking fire. Aposis is a relatively new team to the leagues and to the bettors, and they may have some hidden talent, but yeah, NerdRage should take this, 2-1 is the worst case scenario I can think of. Would be pretty surprised to see them drop this. Medium on NerdRage is what I’ll be doing.

My odds for this match: NR 85:15 Aposis


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