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Rising Tornado

Best Of 3
2015/09/05 12:00 UTC

Winner PH


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Dope vs. PH @Rising Tornado

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Both of these teams played a BO3 just two days ago for the UCC. PH ended up taking it, 2-0 but with close scorelines. Mirage ended at 16-13 and Cobblestone ended at 16-11.  More information about this match can be found here:


Dope is a Russian team with players which haven’t been seen for a couple of months. It was up until just recently when they emerged with this lineup and started playing under the name of ‘dope’. One recent change that was made to the lineup was the removal of ‘strike’ and the addition of ‘MSE’. MSE is a mediocre played that used to play for Nostalgie. He has played one match with Dope and it was the match against PH, and he was seen bottom fragging on both of the maps.

So far in the Rising Tornado #4, Dope has defeated ACG early on 2-1 but then took a loss to Pries (ex-USSR), 0-2. It’s been a rollercoaster, and from their results, I can conclude that they are a top 5 RU lineup but there is a noticeable skill gap between the bottom and the top. One interesting thing that has happened in the past week with Dope is that they took a map off the Finnish ‘Epiphany’, which is good to see since Epiphany isn’t a domestic team to Dope.


These guys are probably in the top 3-4 teams for the CIS scene. They have done some pretty great things in the past, however as of late, they have been a tad inconsistent, and their games tend to be close ones. In the Rising Tornado, they have had one win and one loss. The loss was a pounding, given to them by Vega. Their win was against Hard N’ Play, a no namer RU team, and PH pretty much dismantled them. It’s hard to see what form PH is in when they’re giving off unreliable results like that.

PH is far from a domestic only team however.  They made it to the finals in a BO5 against Dignitas in the middle of August by defeating D&G and LC. As an addition to this, they also took a map off SK. Against Dignitas, they did lose 0-3 but on Cache, they took 13 rounds off them.


These odds are currently very messed up (10-90) and you won’t receive too much as a return if you bet on PH. I would advise that you skip this match, but I do think that PH will win. Dope has a pretty cool lineup, but they have only been playing together for so long. Skipping is what I will be doing, but an ICB on dope wouldn’t hurt either.

My odds for this match: Dope 20:80 PH


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