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PGL Season 1

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2015/09/12 01:00 UTC

Winner Liquid


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LG vs. Liquid @PGL Season 1

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Liquid got their stuff together, or so it seems. Honestly they won vs CLG, but it was painful. Some of the rounds they lose are almost embarrassing for this level of counter strike. Thankfully for them, CLG were just as bad. LG are a whole other kettle of fish, and these kinds of mistakes will cause them big problems if they make them vs them.

LG are a top side, there is no question about it. They are one of my favourite teams, they have tactics, teamwork, passion, they are aggressive, they are everything you look for in a top team. They do need to get steel performing a little better as I think he lets them down a bit sometimes.

Coming into this game, I would make LG the favourites, even without their map advantage. I personally think a 1 map advantage in a BO5 is not as big an advantage as a 1 map one, in a BO3. I would put my personal odds at around 65-35 in favour of LG, and as I like a risk, I will be doing ICB on Liquid.

I wouldn’t recommend this bet if you don’t have lots of skins as I think it is a risky one.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 65:35 Liquid

LG are coming into this match from the upper bracket, meaning that they do get a 1 map advantage in this BO5. Simply put, LG needs to win 2 maps whilst Liquid needs to win 3 maps in order to win. This match is also a very important one, as the winner of this match will get to go to the PGL LAN later on in the year.

LG have been going fairly well lately. They played two matches yesterday, one against CLG which resulted in a 2-1 win and the other one against NME, where it ended as a 1-1 tie. The win against CLG was a very good win, considering that they dropped Cobblestone on just the final round, and on the third map, they pretty much just rolled over CLG 16-4 on Overpass. The NME match was just after that, and I do think that LG were a bit ‘worn out’ after battling out with CLG for 3 hours straight. They still did get the tie which is fine though. CLG is LG’s kryptonite, so a win over them is very well deserved. At the moment, LG look like they are on good form, and they have been playing important matches to the best of their ability. This match should be no exception.

Liquid has recently acquired Hiko, and they haven’t been able to put up too many good performances. Just yesterday, Liquid beat the likes of CLG in a gruelling BO5 which went to the final map to get to the grand finals (this match). Before that, however, Liquid had been a half decent T1 NA team. This lineup definitely does have potential to do well in the NA scene, but I personally don’t think they are ready to compete internationally. Liquid still have  a long way to go to reach their full potential with this roster, and already being a map down in this matchup will be a little bit of a problem for them.


Overall, I think LG is the better team here. They have been playing very frequently recently, and their form looks good. Liquid is starting to find more success with Hiko now in the team, but only time will tell if they are ready to blaze through their opponents, or just in general put up a good fight.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 70:30 Liquid


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