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Team SoloMid


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2015/09/12 17:00 UTC

Winner VP


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This should be a close and exciting BO5 final. Both teams played great to get here, winning games no one really expected them to. First of all, TSM beat Na’Vi and Fnatic in the group stages. Fnatic was a close game that ended 19-17 in overtime, but the Na’Vi game was a little easier. In the semi-finals they played NiP, and won the BO3 2-1 after losing the first map. Virtus Pro had an arguably harder route, playing Fnatic in a BO3 and Envy instead of Na’Vi. They beat NiP 16-7 and Envy 16-7, and then beat Fnatic 2-1 in a BO3 in a surprising one sided match. One thing to note is that Snax is playing out of his mind right now, +22 in the Fnatic BO3 alone.

One thing that wants me to favor Virtus Pro is the BO5 format. Virtus Pro have a great map pool that is really unmatched by any other team. they are good on basically any map, and they don’t have a weakness. Even Dust2, which they used to be the worst tier one team at, they’ve gotten better on. Last time Virtus Pro played TSM in a BO5 they won 3-2, winning Train, Cache, and Mirage but losing Overpass and Inferno.

Both teams are playing great right now, however I’m expecting Virtus Pro to win this 3-2 like they did last time against TSM in their online BO5. I think that they will win basically because they had the harder route to get to the final, snax is playing out of his mind, and their map pool is stronger compared to TSM’s. No more than small bets on this one guys. Good luck!

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 43:57 VP

This game will be a very close one. Both teams have fought well and hard and they have earned their spots in the grand finals. The victor will come out of this LAN with a $100k prize and the loser will go home with $60k.

TSM defeated NiP in the semi’s to be where they currently stand. The match happened just a few hours ago, and ended at 2-1 with TSM just dropping Dust 2 as the first map. They then went on to win Mirage and Inferno with a pretty comfortable scoreline (16-8 and 16-10). TSM also hasn’t lost a single match in this LAN, and they have defeated the likes of Fnatic on Dust 2 (19-17) and Na’vi on Overpass (16-10). Overall, they are looking to be in a decent shape at the moment, though there wasn’t as many matches as I would have liked to have seen.

VP have just come off a win against Fnatic, the best team in the world with a 2-1 win. Like TSM, they let the first map (Cobblestone) go to their opponents but then swiftly won the next two maps. VP smashed Fnatic on Train (16-5) and Cache (16-4). Not sure what has made them spring back into action, but for the past few LANs, they have been playing better than a few months ago when they were in their slump. VP has also had a flawless record in Dubai, with them winning their respective BO1’s against EnvyUs and NiP. It kinda surprised me to see VP in the finals, as super teams like EnvyUs and Fnatic were also in the running, but VP really does deserve this spot after putting up such an amazing performance.

I expect the odds for this match to be a little bit skewed, and my personal odds are 45-55 favoring VP. I will consider putting a low bet on TSM if the odds go wild (around the ball park of say….40-60 or anything above). TSM are no pushovers though, and we will most likely see a third map come into play.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 45:55 VP

Both teams have been playing really well so far, VP  impressed me the most specially how they rolled over fnatic in the last two maps but TSM also had some good matches beating Fnatic and NiP. These two teams always seem to play close and i dont think this time it will be any different. Since its a 50/50 match i would suggest to just play the odds if it stays like this and going low/med on TSM.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 50:50 VP


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