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IBP Invitational

Best Of 3
2015/09/12 23:45 UTC

Winner Conquest


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Conquest vs. Orgless @IBP Invitational

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Conquest, similar to a few other teams in this league, is a hybrid of other teams that have lost their players. Players such as RUSH, Naf-Fly and daps all ex-players from their respecitve American teams. Performance from Conquest is near similar to Orgless although having Conquest being slightly better. I can see why Conquest has a better performance than Orlgess with the talent that runs on Conquest such as RUSH, and daps but Shazham has been sort of lacking especially with the kind of background he runs. Performance is sort of lacking considering the talent that drives this team although not being shabby when paired up to it’s North American counterparts.

On the other hand, we have Orgless, a team that runs ex-players from Denial and Lunatik. This team is a basket full of surprises as they’ve been able to take maps off of teams that Lunatik should’ve lost to such as CLG and Enemy. I’m not saying this team is bad but considering the history of this team, they’ve come a LONG way from where they’ve started and I can hope they improve to a point to be one of the top teams in NA. Again, Compared to Conquest, this team is slightly lacking but should put up a fair fight.

With the skewed odds that run this game (considering what betting platform you use) I’d suggest a SMALL on the underdog, Orgless.

Bet: SMALL Orgless
Risk: HIGH

My odds for this match: Conquest 60:40 Orgless

I think this match comes down to what Orgless turns up. They did well recently for the most part, and surprised me with the level they reached. They drew with CLG, beat NME 2-0, drew with Mythic, and beat 3sUP. These are impressive results. I would still put Conquest as a level above. They have a lot more fire power in NAF and ryx, and I worry if Orgless can keep up with them.

Looking at the odds, I would put my personal odds at 65-35 in favour of Conquest, and with them being as they are now on CSGL, I would bet low on Orgless if you have some spare skins and a bank, if not I’d play it safe and SKIP.

My odds for this match: Conquest 65:35 Orgless


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