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Balkan Supercup

Best Of 3
2015/09/13 10:20 UTC

Winner Saloon


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Saloon vs. faithIN @Balkan Supercup

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This match will be held in an Internet Cafe in Belgrade, Serbia. Out of the 4 teams competing, Saloon is the favourite and they also have the most experience.

Saloon is one of the best Serbian lineups playing professional CSGO at the moment. They have showed us in the past that they are capable of performing well against Balkan teams. The last Balkan Supercup LAN that they attended, they placed 1st and got victories over GamePub and HSB, who are both semi-known teams in the Balkan region. The most recent event that they attended was Gaming Paradise (the one which went south fast), and they were quickly eliminated following defeats from Mouz and VP. They took very few rounds, but then again, not much was expected from a small T3 lineup against the T1 giants.

FaithIn has not established a name for themselves in the CSGO world as of yet. HLTV lists them as having just one game played against the Swedish GreyFace which took place last year. FaithIn lost that 9-16 and the lineups were also very different, with only two members from that lineup playing in this match (foqs and Urosh). The only player on the team which is worth giving a mention to is Urosh, and he used to play for ‘Wrecking’, who placed decently in Balkan events. Urosh hasn’t been actively playing official matches, but he does have a decent HLTV rating.

Saloon should have this one in the bag, but the lack of information on FaithIn is making me reluctant to put a decent amount on Saloon, despite the fact that Saloon has been fairly active for the little team that they are. I would either skip this match or throw some skins on Saloon to get a little bit of value.

My odds for this match: Saloon 75:25 Faithin


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