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2015/09/13 12:01 UTC

Winner K1CK


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Evolution vs. K1CK @Dreamhack

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Evolution/Worst Players feature a CIS lineup which is composed of star AWPer s1mple and his buddies. His buddies are not no namers though. These players are thought to be the best free agents around the CIS scene at the moment, and there are some big notable names apart from s1mple, like hooch and CyberFocus. Their last match in this qualifier was against the LosJefes, and Evolution won 16-12 on Mirage. All the games before that one had spaz playing instead of hooch, however I think hooch is a little bit of an upgrade if you’re not thinking about coms. Evolution/Worst Players took part in the 16th episode of D!ngIt, where they lost two matches against NerdRage and LosJefes, however they did open by defeating KillerFish. Other than that, Evolution/Worst Players has only been playing in the Game Agents league, where they tied against Property on the 9th.

This K1CK is the Hungarian lineup, and this lineup is one of the best Balkan teams at the moment, coming after E-Frag. K1CK has played a fair few matches so far in the qualifying stage, and some of their wins were against teams like Fredde and Reason, however one very big win that they scored was a 2-0 win against Digntias. This was the old Dignitas with Nico on it, and the team was on a heavily tilt, however a win against them is still something big. Their only loss was against the Copenhagen Wolves, 0-2 but even that one was a bit close. The first map was Cobblestone, and K1CK forced CW into three (?) OT’s before losing 22-26. The second map Mirage was a stomp, and K1CK lost 5-16. That was their most recent match and that was about a week ago.

This match will be a pretty tough one to call, and we most likely will see a third map come into play. It’s hard to judge these teams, purely because we haven’t seen what form they have been on. Especially for s1mple. If he’s not playing well, Evolution/Worst Players can kiss their dreams goodbye unless the rest of the team majorly steps up. I’ll personally be going low on Evo/Worst Players, as I do believe this strong CIS team will be able to put up a good fight against K1CK.

My odds for this match: Evolution 45:55 K1CK


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