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2015/10/20 19:00 UTC

Winner Titan


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Titan vs. Fnatic @Faceit

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BO1 on Train. Titan recently beat Fnatic on it but i personally dont believe it will happen again. This match is SUPER IMPORTANT for fnatic to not lose touch to the top. Iam pretty sure they will try their best here. With the current odds its very hard to bet on it so i suggest to go low or Fnatic. If you feel like Titan will be able to win against go icb on them. If you wanna play the odds a icb on Titan is the way to go.

My odds for this match: Titan 35:65 Fnatic

Fnatic – So Fnatic right now are not in the hottest shape, they seem to be slowly recovering with their recent two OT wins over VP, however lets not get up ahead of ourselves and presume Fnatic are 100% back, since that would be a bold call to make. They’ve struggled vs Vexed, didn’t have the easiest of time vs Piter yesterday either, and lost to Titan, on today’s map, Train a few weeks ago. Of course this is still Fnatic, we can never count them out since individually they are all very strong players, and so goes for as a team. One of the weaknesses I’ve noticed, Pronax really isn’t having the best period of his career, in fragging at least. He definitely is having some struggles getting frags, so that’s worrying.


Titan = Historically speaking, Titan is Fnatic’s krpytonite team, oh lord how I hate that word. Of course there is TSM that are just able to dismantle Fnatic on any occasion, however before that, you look at results between these two, and you listen to the Fnatic guys, if ever asked about one team they are afraid of, it would always be Titan, even when Titan were not doing well for themselves, at all. Of course this was with Kenny, Maniac and Apex who are now gone, however the IGL of Ex6tenz has stayed, so that’s going their way. Titan has been in quite a uproar recently, beating Na’Vi, Mouz, Envy and what not, and as I mentioned, they came ahead of Fnatic a few weeks ago on this map, believe 16:13.


Conclusion = Honestly Fnatic should come out on top here, however I would not bet my house on it by any means. With Titan sitting at 20% on Lounge and seemingly decreasing, my best bet is just to place a low, 2-3% bet on them and see how it goes. Fnatic are not fully recovered I don’t think, and if Shox and ScreaM can both go off, things can definitely go messy.

Risk level = High

My odds = 70-30 Fnatic

My bet = 2% on Titan.

My advice = Low, 2-3% on Titan.

My odds for this match: Titan 30:70 Fnatic


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