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Team SoloMid


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2015/10/21 21:00 UTC

Winner VP


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TSM vs. VP @Faceit

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So BO1 between TSM and VP on Overpass, quite tricky to say the least, but lets dive in.

TSM = Obviously on a roar as of right now, only dropping series to NiP as of late, and yesterday Envy in a BO1 Mirage, however their CT side was a mess and they failed to what looked like, a very promising comeback on their T side, NBK saved Envy hard. The map here is Overpass, and I feel that is a map that TSM is very comfortable on, they have a really good track record on it, and they haven’t dropped a map on it for ages now, even while facing off top teams. TSM will be my favorites here, as I just feel the Double D combo of Dupreeh and Device is just so good right now, and barely anyone is managing to stop them. TSM will have to bring on a better CT side display from the one we saw vs Envy yesterday however.


VP = So ahm, VP on the otherside have been kinda up and down, they’ve lost two really close, 19:16 BO1’s vs Fnatic recently, aswell as dropped Mirage to TSM 16:11, and then there was that Penta upset, just a mess really. They have gotten the better of Na’Vi, NiP and HR however so that’s something. With VP I always just feel it depends on who turns up, on paper, man for man TSM are definitely better, however when VP just clicks together, they can be deadly, however these plows are unpredictable. Recent resultwise, Overpass has been a bit meh for VP, they haven’t been playing it too much, however their results seem a bit shaky, and I’d definitely favor TSM here.


Conclusion = As long as the plow is not activated for VP, TSM should take it if they continue with their form. Overpass is a map that I feel is good for both teams, however favors TSM in this instance. Coming up for an odds number here is tricky, however I’ll give it a 65-35 and honestly, since it’s a T1 vs T1 BO1, the best thing to do here is to simply play the odds with a low bet. If TSM is above 72%, go low, 2-3% on VP, however if they are below 72%, stick 2-3% on TSM.

Risk level = High

My odds = 65-35 TSM

My bet = Waiting for odds to settle

My advice = Wait for odds ^^^ Read conclusion.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 65:35 VP

Going low on VP is the only smart thing you can do (or you skip if you dont like this bet).
TSM got #1 seed secured while VP will be fighting for a spot in the faceit lan. They will try hard i guess after fucking up esl/esea.


My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 60:40 VP


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