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2015/10/21 21:00 UTC

Winner Dignitas


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Dignitas vs. FSid3 @Starseries

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Dignitas is looking really good atm, tenzki joining is only a good thing since they had communication problems with zchneider. And Flipside have been struggling a lot the last couple of weeks, and I cant really see them winning this bo3 against Dignitas.

My bet: Medium Dignitas.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 70:30 FSid3

So BO3 between Flipsid3 vs Dignitas, lets see.


Dignitas = Obviously just very recently, like two days ago lost Schneider as they came to a mutual agreement that it would be better for both parties. According to the both sides, this was due to communication issues, since Schneider was Swedish while the other four guys are Danish, and at the pro level you need instant calls, and I guess they had confusion with Schneider trying to call in English/Swedish. So ahm, Dignitas acted immediately and have picked up Tenzki who is a bit eehh, skillwise I think it’s a downgrade from Schneider but obviously, for communication he slots right in. Dignitas may struggle big time vs the tier 1 teams at the moment, however when it comes to teams around their skill level or below, they usually seem to do quite well, and that is the scenario with F3 here. Dignitas in my eyes are the better, however nobody knows how well Dig will play with Tenzki, as I doubt they’ve had time to go over maps and what not.

Flipsid3 = Flipsid3 for me just is meh. They are so up and down that it’s just hard. Much depends on who is feeling it on the day for these guys I feel, Bondik is instrumental for this teams success and if Dig can keep him quiet, then it should be easy pickings. WorldEdit is just a really up and down player himself, he can have unreal performances both in bad and good ways. Overall I just don’t think on a normal day, F3 should be beating Dignitas in a BO3, of course they can compete quite well, and obviously upset Dignitas, especially because they have a new face in the roster.


Conclusion = So for me this is a 70-30 in favor of Dignitas, recent matchups between these two favor Dignitas for the most part, and I feel that if Dignitas can stick to their gameplan and utilize Tenzki well, everything should go smooth. F3 is a bit too much up and down for me, and everytime I bet against them it just seems they are on the up which is saddening. The addition of Tenzki to Dig makes it tricky here, so that’s why I will simply play the odds here. Unless Dignitas goes above 77%, I’ll go 5% on them, if they are above that, I’ll go with 2-3% on F3 in the hopes of an upset.

Risk level = High

My odds = 70-30 Dig

My bet = Waiting for odds

My advice = Read conclusion

My odds for this match: Dignitas 70:30 FSid3


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