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2015/10/22 22:00 UTC

Winner HR


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HR vs. LDLC.White @APM

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I don’t have much time to write this prediction since I need to go soon, but I think you should skip this match. I personally don’t think LDLC White has the capability to take both maps off HR, but they could possibly take one map off them. They aren’t a bad team, and they are definitely one of the ‘better’ of the lesser known French teams, along with LDLC Blue if that’s still a thing. Going high on HR in a BO2 with 94-6 odds will give you horrible returns, and if it ends as a tie, you get your skins back anyway and no winnings. Even if HR win, your winnings will be low so what’s the point?


My odds for this match: HR 82:18 LDLC.White

BO2 between Hellraisers and LDLCWhite, important to note, S1mple is not playing here and there is a chance the standin will be Schneider since he played yesterday vs Fnatic for them, or just some CIS guy.

LDLCWhite = LDLCWhite is not all that bad. We don’t see them play too much for some reason, however on paper they are a decent group of players, and have infact had some promising results in the past. Of course they have also had less than ideal results aswell. I feel like if LDLCWhite can showup here, they can definitely leave a dent in HR given their current situation.

Hellraisers = So according to this, Schneider will be the standin for Hellraisers today. He played for them yesterday vs Fnatic, which they honestly should’ve won however their CT was just atrociously bad, however he finished 2nd in frags so that is something going their way. Obviously S1mple is not playing here, S1mple who I think skill wise was at least their best player, and the reason of HR’s recent success I believe was due to the S1mple + Oskar combo, which of course now is gone. I’m not sure how Schneider will do here since I strongly doubt he speaks Russian, so they will most likely call in English which is a bit meh, considering he left Dignitas due to slight communication issues. Oskar will be instrumental for HR here, if he is having a quiet game, which from experience he can very often have, I think LDLC could have a good shout here.

Conclusion = Overall I definitely favor HR here, however not by the 90-10 margin that Lounge suggests. They will most likely be using Schenider, who doesn’t speak Russian to my knowledge so that is a gap in communication. That put aside, S1mple their best player and fragging power has left so we don’t know how the team overall is feeling. Personally, for me this is a 75-25, LDLC can be decent at times, they have a decent roster which has promise, lets just hope they can take at least one map in this BO2. I will be going low, 2% on LDLCWhite here, in hopes of an upset unless HR go to about 80% on Lounge, when it’s justified to bet on them.

My odds = 75-25 HR

Risk level = High

My bet = Most likely 2% on LDLC.

My advice = Read conclusion.

Note: This analysis consists of factual information and my own personal opinion on the matchup mentioned above. Your opinion may differ completely, but this does not make mine nor yours wrong so please don’t give me stick for nothing. I am not really responsible for any losses, however if you followed my advice, we both probably got it wrong and I am down to cry in a teamspeak chat with you.

My odds for this match: HR 75:25 LDLC.White


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