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2015/10/22 18:00 UTC



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Vexed vs. E-Frag @GameAgents League

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Today, we saw both of these teams battle it out in a BO3 series, where E-frag won 2-0 with a very dominate performance. E-frag won 16-5 on Inferno, ending the first half at 10-5 then continuing on to win all 6 rounds in the second half, making it a quick map win. The second map was Overpass, and although E-frag did win 16-13, they had a huge deficit at the end of the first half, 4-11. Things were looking very bleak, but something just *clicked* and they went absolutely ham in the second round, coming back round after round, winning 12 to secure to map and allowing just 2 rounds to slip in the process. They looked amazing in that series, and I hope to see a good performance by the Bulgarians again.

Vexed has not looked too great in these past few days. They have been unable to win a series in quite some time, and their only recent win was a FFW against SK, who failed to get a roster to play that match. Vexed has been losing to teams like Planetkey without even taking a map in the series and they haven’t been looking great at all. They have qualified for a major in the past, so if we can see the Vexed that destroyed in the major qualifier, then it should make for a good match. Sadly though, I don’t think they will be able to top E-frag this time round.

E-frag have been performing well, finally after a little drop in performance after winning the UCC LAN. They are back in business, and technically, they haven’t lost a match in 6 matches. They won matches against Vexed, Orgless and Planetkey, whilst tying CSGL twice and Mouz once. Pretty good stuff from E-frag, and I really can’t see them stuffing this series up UNLESS they throw this match away or muck about, since they are practically in the top  4 already with a somewhat decent point lead. Or they could use this match to catch up to F3 to 100% secure a cash prize.

Can’t see E-frag losing this tbh, odds will most likely be very skewed toward E-frag due to their dominant performance earlier today. I should also mention that Vexed are pretty much also out of this tournament, sitting near the bottom of the ladder with very few points. There is no way that they can catch up.

My odds for this match: Vexed 25:75


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