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2015/10/23 20:00 UTC

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LDLC.White vs. DenDD @APM

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Another bo2 that will probably end up as a tie. I give DenDD the edge here since i favour them, i just think they have the better aim and the teamplay between the teams is pretty mutch even. If twist goes off like he usually does he will probably carry DenDD to win this game.


My bet: Medium DenDD.

My odds for this match: LDLC.White 40:60 DenDD

Think LDLC got a decent chance here. At last dreamhack qualyfication they won vs Property 2-1 which is basicly this team. It will probably end up 1-1 but i think a small bet on LDLC is not too bad here.

good luck

My odds for this match: LDLC.White 40:60 DenDD

This is a tricky one, LDLCWhite looked quite good vs Hellraisers yesterday, well I say that but let me explain. They lost both maps in the BO1, it was 16:11 and 16:13 I believe to HR. LDLCWhite had a really good shout at winning both maps, they lost so many rounds due to such silly mistakes it was painful to watch, such as losing the very first pistol 1v4 with the bomb down to Schneider – And to add to that, Schneider was so good for HR. HR didn’t have S1mple however so eh, it’s hard to judge if it was LDLCWhite playing really well or just HR being subpar. LDLCWhite has a really promising roster, they have a lot of big potential players in there, however they haven’t been near their best in the past, so maybe now they can do something.

DenDD is a team that I think is pretty decent, they on paper look pretty solid and in my eyes definitely the favorites for this one. The problem with this pack of players back in the Property roster at least is that they were really inconsistent, they’d do well on a map, but then collapse the following map(s) or just game series, which is dissappointing. They got some big names like Twist who when on fire, can be deadly so watch out for him.

Overall I feel like in a BO2, DenDD to drop both maps is kinda meh. 70-30 here for me, I understand the LDLCWhite performance vs HR yesterday, however some of the mistakes they made were just so nono, and I’ve no idea if it was just HR off their game or LDLCWhite really just up on their game. Going to place 5% on DenDD here in hopes they can secure at least one map so skins returned. Would advise doing the same here.

My odds = 70:30 DenDD

Risk level = Medium since BO2

My bet = 5% DenDD

My advise = 5% Dendd

Note: This analysis consists of factual information and my own personal opinion on the matchup mentioned above. Your opinion may differ completely, but this does not make mine nor yours wrong so please don’t give me stick for nothing. I am not really responsible for any losses, however if you followed my advice, we both probably got it wrong and I am down to cry in a teamspeak chat with you.

My odds for this match: LDLC.White 30:70 DenDD


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