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2015/10/28 20:30 UTC

Winner Na’Vi


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Na’Vi vs. CLG @Dreamhack

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Data: The game is one of the high risk games where the odds don’t really reflect the actual risk taken. I think that realistically we should expect Navii to win but especially in match ups like these, where it features two teams of relatively equal skill and a best of 1 series, it’s very likely for an upset. I would recommend a bet on either side as I think that’s fair.


Prediction: Navii 16:14




Advice: low on either side is fair


My Bet: very low navii $50

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 70:30 CLG

Think navi should be the clear favorite here but i think CLG can eventually squeeze a win out here. I personally will skip this match.
CLG is known to be really good for bo1 upsets so you might wanna go low/icb on them.

Map i expect here:
Cobble or Mirage

Good luck

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My odds for this match: Na’Vi 65:35 CLG

And the last one of the day , and my marathon is finished. Lets all thank ‘Zara Larsson – Never Forget You’ for keeping me up all night to write these back to back. So ahm, BO1 between Na’Vi and CLG, lets dive right in.


Once again the classical, EU vs NA dilemma occurs here. Comparing EU and NA teams is quite hard since they don’t play often, and whenever they do play there is always that element of surprise and freshness amongst them. Na’Vi has not been playing many online matches as of recent, however I think they are coming into this major really prepared as a team and individuals. Na’Vi of course are a very high tier 1 team and have the potential to beat anybody on any given day, it all depends on how they are feeling really with Na’Vi. The problem I have with Na’Vi, is that they rely way too much on Flamie and GuardiaN, especially GuardiaN at times. If GuardiaN is not having a good game, the whole team struggles a whole bunch which is really bad for a analyst like me as their performances are very unpredictable.

CLG themselves are quite inconsistent, they have a history of causing upsets/very close results vs teams better than them on paper, especially in BO1’s, e.g the Fnatic Mirage upset, Envy Dust2 upset etc. But then, CLG struggle beating WinterFox, just a mess really. CLG is just hit and miss really, they are a really confident bunch of guys so expect them to bring the game to Na’Vi, definitely an interesting game.

Overall I’m going to favor Na’Vi here. I am not overly sold on CLG as a team honestly, they are capable of pulling off upsets but as long as Na’Vi stick to their gameplan and everybody is firing their shots, they should have this one in the bag. 75-25 for Na’Vi here, and since it’s a Bo1 that is risky, just going to play the odds here. Unless Na’Vi goes above 80% here, I’ll go 7% on them, if they are above, I’ll 2-3% on CLG.

My odds = 75-25 Na’Vi

Risk level = Medium

My bet = 7% Na’Vi most likely

My advice = Read conclusion


Because of the marathon of analysis, think I deserve a shoutout. Follow me on Twitter 😛

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 75:25 CLG


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