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2015/10/28 16:05 UTC

Winner VP


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VP vs. Liquid @Dreamhack

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Ok guys so this is a pretty risky one. This is the first game either of these teams will play at this LAN tournament so it is hard to predict how the teams are going to play.

VP are an especially inconsistent team at LANs and it is hard to say if they are going to play completely crazy or disappoint and play awful. Liquid have been playing absolutely amazing in their online games since Hiko has joined their roster at the start of last month. Liquid have won some really impressive games against the top NA teams such as Cloud9 and CLG. This is the first LAN Liquid are playing with this current roster but judging off of the player’s individual performances at previous LANs I would say Liquid are going to be a team which plays very well at LAN tournaments.

This game is also extremely risky because it is a Bo1. This means that the outcome of this game could depend on which map is chosen. Overall this game is extremely risky as we do now know how these teams are going to play at this LAN and the map is also unknown for this Bo1. I recommend you place a small bet on Liquid as they definitely have a good chance at winning this game and they should have quite nice odds on CSGOLounge by the start of this game.

My odds for this match: VP 39:61 Liquid

I suggest to skip this match. VP is the NA team killer, i cant remember if they ever lost vs a NA team but Liquid looked very strong lately so i dont see any value in betting on this match.

Maps iam expecting here:
Cobble,Cache or Overpass

Think VP is the favorite on all 3 of that maps.

If you decide to bet on this good luck. You should either go medium on VP than if you feel they will win or low/icb on Liquid if you feel murica will step up against VP domination.

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My odds for this match: VP 65:35 Liquid

BO1 between VP and Liquid, a few very distinct problems here, lets get right into it.

VP = So straight out of the bat, when you ask people about VP vs NA teams, they will generally all tell you the same thing, VP just doesn’t lose to NA teams, which is very true. These two have met before and VP won the game, however it was very close 16:14 and 16:9, and ever since then, Liquid have improved in my eyes as individuals and as a team. VP in my eyes are very momentum based, they either have the traditional ‘Plow’ and then there is the ‘Throw’ predicting which one we will see is almost impossible, however let me tell you ,the difference between these two is huge. Obviously VP are the favorites here, they just have so much more experience here and overall as a team historically are better. To me VP play much better on LAN than they do online, so this setting favors them too.

Liquid = This is a BO1 which automatically gives Liquid a bit of a cushion and glimmer of hope since as we all know, BO1’s can be really random and just come down to a few impact frags from clutch players, which you’ve guessed, Liquid has plenty of. The whole Liquid team really has stepped up in recent times and all as individuals just look really good to say the least. Online Liquid are looking hot as heck, however there is one pretty big problem. How do we judge Liquid vs European teams? They don’t play often, sure Liquid are capable of destroying Enemy however….how well would Enemy do vs VP and such, since LAN events are the only time we see NA vs EU teams, everytime predicting how well these teams will compare against eachother is just really tough and a lot of surprises happen here.

Conclusion = So obviously I am going to favor VP here, overall they are just the better team and have proven themselves overtime, while Liquid are on the very highrise, however I’m not entirely sure how they will do vs Europeans, just yet. These two played eachother a while back and it was really close, and since like I said then I think Liquid has improved, so this should be interesting. My odds here are going to be 70-30 in favor of VP, and the best thing to do here is to play the odds honestly. Unless VP goes above 76%, I’ll go low, 3% on them, if they are above that, I’ll go 3% on Liquid in the hopes of an upset. In a BO1 a lot of it comes down to clutch players, and like I said Liquid has plenty of those.

My odds = 70-30 VP

Risk level = High

My bet = 3% VP

My advice = Read Conclusion

My odds for this match: VP 70:30 Liquid


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