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2015/10/28 14:45 UTC

Winner G2


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G2 vs. mouz @Dreamhack

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Ok guys so this one is extremely risky. Both these teams are of roughly the same ability in online gmes but it is hard to say how they will perform at this LAN. Mouz have been known in the past as being a very bad LAN team and although they have greatly improved in more recent LANs they still have chrisJ who is still often inconsistent in the LAN environment. G2 are definitely more consistent at LANs with players such as rain and Maikelele who have played well in many LAN events in the past on different teams.

This game mostly comes down to how the individual players are going to perform at this LAN and it is hard to know in this first game what to expect. I have a feeling G2 are going to handle this LAn better than Mouz but it is very possible that Mouz could turn up and play absolutely amazing. I recommend you ICB on whichever team has the lower odds for this game but if you’re thinking about placing a proper bet then go small on G2 as they are slightly more likely to play well here.

My odds for this match: G2 52:48 mousesports

I think G2 should be the slight favorite here. Last year they knocked out C9 which impressed me a lot. Also they have 5 players that can step up when its needed and the skill ceiling of that players is incredible high (rain,jkaem,dennis).
On the mouz side we have the problem of players with high skill ceiling but they are super inconsistent. Niko,nex and chrisj can all go massive. Same goes for denis but he looked rather weak lately. Same goes for Gob B obviously but he has always been a weaker player.

Maps i expect:
Cache, d2 or maybe train.
Iam pretty sure it will be one of this 3 maps.

Like i said this is a match where i feel its 50/50 so just bet on who ever you think will win. I personally feel its gonna be G2 but its random as fuck 😀

Good luck

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My odds for this match: G2 50:50 mousesports

BO1 between Mouz and G2, going to be a heck of a ride but lets get started.

Mouz = Mouz is literally blessed to have the amount of talent that they have on their team. Niko, Nex and ChrisJ, yet they struggle to perform on a consistent basis which really just brings me down. On paper the team is really strong and should in theory perform, and they do at times however at times, they really do struggle which is like I said, upsetting. At least going into the major they had somewhat good online results, they didn’t necessarily win however were inches away from upsetting teams like Envy, TSM and what not. With Mouz I think. unfortunately it just comes down to if they are feeling it, I can’t stress enough how instrumental it is to Mouz’s general performance that Niko, Nex and ChrisJ perform, if those all three can fire on all cylinders, the team is lethal, deadly, and I mean it. Last time around, when Mouz fell out of the major Gobb was quite upset, and I’m certain he doesn’t want a repeat of that feeling.

G2 = Obviously just lost one of their star players, if not the biggest star(Rain/ScreaM w/e) in ScreaM. He was one of their best fraggers and definitely impact players, they’d often rely on him to carry them throughout games, however he also had a very frequent tendency to go missing in games completely, and Jkaem, his replacement is although I think a more quiet player, however more consistent. Historically G2 has gotten the advantage over Mouz in their past encounters, and quite heavily so that is worrying if you are Mouz here.

Conclusion = I am personally favoring Mouz here, I think that the trio of Niko + Nex + ChrisJ, when on form is just so deadly to any team out there and have proven they can cause damage. Online they are looking pretty solid aswell, so that is something going their way. I am hoping that Mouz can finally overcome G2 and beat them here. G2 is very good, and without a doubt can beat Mouz here, however with the recent addition of Jkaem, I’m unsure how well the team will be in terms of cohesion, so I am banking on that. My odds here will be 55-45 in favor of Mouz, and given the fact that on Lounge the odds are the exact same as mine, but in favor of G2, it’s a perfect bet on Mouz. Just going to small bet, 3% on Mouz here and hope they can pull home.

My odds = 55-45 Mouz

Risk level = High

My bet = 3% Mouz

My advice = 3% Mouz

My odds for this match: G2 45:55 mousesports


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