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2015/10/28 12:10 UTC

Winner Luminosity


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LG vs. Cloud9 @Dreamhack

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In my eyes the best underdog bet first round. LG has been grinding hardcore in eu for last week and they should be going in very sharp into this major.
Also LG is ALWAYS ready on point. While C9 somehow always manages to be out of form at majors.

Maps i expect to be played:
D2,Overpass or Cobble

Anything else but one of this 3 maps would surprise me a lot.
So yeah, my bet will be on LG here to play the odds.

Good luck

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My odds for this match: Luminosity 45:55 Cloud9

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time we will take a look at LG Vs Cloud9. It is a best of 1 and the map is on TBA.

First of all i want to say that this match will probably be a close one. Cloud9 can be really inconsistent on major and they might just get rekt by the Brazilians. LG is the underdog in this match but i think they might actually win it. They have are looking good at the moment and i think, if the map is on there side, that they might in this.

Since the odds are pretty good i recommend you go low on LG. It is not worth taking the risk. You might aswell just watch this game and enjoy it (:

Goodluck & Have fun!

My odds for this match: Luminosity 45:55 Cloud9

So BO1 between C9 and LG, lets jump right in.

Cloud9 = Definitely far, far from ideal results online to say the least, and heck, even on LAN, they attended that Crown Championship or whatever in Australia where they got beaten by Immunity which is quite hmm, interesting. Now historically C9 has gotten the major advantage over LG in past matchups, so at least that is something going their way. In the last major C9 let me down quite a few times, and that is playing in the back of my head and I’m hoping it doesn’t repeat here, but we’ll see. C9 obviously have been bootcamping a bit before this LAN, like pretty much any team so they should at least come in prepared.  C9 historically does not have the best history with LANs, so hopefully they can change that around here.

LG = Something about LG and majors, they simply play so much better in majors than they ever have online, especially while they are in NA. Just like C9, not the best results online, not by any stretch of the margin so don’t get too comfortable. LG like I’ve said above, have clustered vs Cloud9 in the future, which is worrying as if it’s a direct clash in playstyles it’s hard to change. I don’t like LG vs NA teams, I think that for some reason they don’t play well vs them, and obviously C9 is an NA team. LG are very streaky, they can be good at times but at other times they are just gone. These five guys all live together so obviously have been bootcamping and are more experienced to the LAN experience perhaps, so that is an advantage in its own.

Conclusion = Going to, by a very, very small margin favor Cloud9 here. Neither teams online performances have been the best, C9’s slightly worse when you compare them however that isn’t a major achievement for LG who have been looking shaky themselves. I hate how LG play vs NA teams, but yet they have built a reputation as being some sort of LAN gods so that is worrying. Cloud9 in my opinion are just that slightly better when both teams are firing full cylinders, so I am going with them here. Since it’s such a close game, playing the odds is the best here. My odds for this game are going to be 43-57 in favor of Cloud9, and unless they go above 65%, I’ll go low, 3% on them. If they are above 65% however, I’ll go 3% on LG in hopes of an upset. Take good care with this one guys, really risky.

My odds = 43-57% Cloud9

Risk level = Really high

My bet = Low(3%) C9 most likely

My advice = Read Conclusion.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 43:57 Cloud9


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