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2015/10/29 10:30 UTC

Winner Cloud9


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Vexed vs. Cloud9 @Dreamhack

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I personally dont see any big value in that bet. I think C9 will most likely squeeze it out somehow but with their odds i dont suggest to bet on them. Overall the only legit bet you can make here is very small bet on vexed but also that is not very good with the current odds.

I suggest to skip this match or go very low on Vexed

Good luck

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My odds for this match: Vexed 35:65 Cloud9

BO1 between Vexed and Cloud9, lets jump right in.

Straight off the bat, I think that Cloud9 should be the favorites for this matchup. I just think that overall they are the better team here and in theory, should be beating Vexed. Cloud9 had a bad day yesterday, they faced off vs Luminosity in a BO1 on Dust2, and you could argue got a bit unlucky, Coldzera had the game of his life and carried to death on the first half, and on the second they got eco’d while they were ahead and just completely shifted the momentum, with C9 losing 9 rounds in a row then.

Vexed on the other hand, faced off vs Fnatic on Cobblestone, and honestly, looked quite good. They started on the CT side, lost pistol however recovered really well, winning the half 10:5 and just looking certain to win the game. The majority of the Fnatic guys were having a horrible first half, and it was mainly Flusha carrying, however when 2nd half came, Fnatic took 11 in a row to win it 16:10, which is really heart breaking for Vexed. Makes their performance hard to judge. Overall I feel like Vexed are the weakest team in this tournament, I don’t think they should be beating C9 however they are definitely capable so lets not count them out.

Overall I feel that even with C9’s struggles, they are the better team here. If everything goes to plan in a perfect world, C9 should come out on top. So now that is aside, since it’s a BO1 I am simply going to play the odds here. I think this is about 65-35 in favor of Cloud9, and since it’s a high risk game, only low bets here. If C9 is below 72%, I’ll go low, 3% on them, if they are above however, I’ll go 2% on Vexed in the hopes of an upset.

Risk level = High

My odds = 65-35 C9

My bet = Waiting for odds

My advice = Read conclusion/Play odds basically.

My odds for this match: Vexed 35:65 Cloud9


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