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2015/10/29 12:15 UTC

Winner mousesports


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FSid3 vs. mouz @Dreamhack

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Same shit on this match, i feel like mouz should win but Fside has a realistic chance here. I think better skip this, no real value in some matches today.

So yeah sorry but skip this =)

My odds for this match: FSid3 35:65 mousesports

As long as Mouz doesn’t pick Inferno here, they should be alright. Ok but seriously, so Mouz played G2 yesterday and straight off the bat, all my hopes and expectations shattered by them picking Inferno vs G2. I am not sure if it was just a massive fuckup or a misread or what, because it sure as heck did not seem to me like they had prepared anything, and nor are they historically good on the map so the pick makes no sense. Lets just hope Mouz matures here and picks to their strengths here, as they definitely are the better team in this matchup. Like I said yesterday, Niko, Nex and ChrisJ are instrumental to Mouz’s success, yesterday we did not see them at all and infact, GobB was top fragging and to be brutally honest, when that is happening you know something isn’t working out for you.


Flipsid3 on the other hand played TSM and that just went as predicted, a complete shattering that isn’t even worth going over to be honest. Flipsid3 is decent, they have upset potential, especially vs a team like Mouz here. These two are not new to playing eachother, historically it has either been F3 winning really closely/losing very closely or just getting stomped by Mouz. The F3 guys will have to be on point here, Bondik had an ok game yesterday, but obviously it didn’t make much of a difference as TSM simply came to play.


So overall to sum everything up, in a perfect world Mouz should be winning this. I really hope they have figured what they were doing wrong, and won’t mess up the veto once again or else, they will be going home which would be really disappointing for them. Flipsid3 are decent and definitely have upset potential, however I just don’t think given the circumstances, they should be taking this. Going to give this 70-30 in favor of Mouz given that it’s a BO1. Going to play the odds since a BO1, if Mouz is below 77%, I’ll go 4% on them, however if they are above I’ll go 2% on F3 and recommend doing the same here.

My odds = 70-30 Mouz

Risk level = High

My bet = Waiting for odds

My advice = Play the odds

My odds for this match: FSid3 30:70 mousesports


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