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2015/10/29 16:00 UTC

Winner CLG


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Dignitas vs. CLG @Dreamhack

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Feels like a super random match but overall i believe CLG has a small edge here. The “joker” from dignitas is obviously aizy, if that kid got a good game he will be able to destroy them solo.

Maps i expect here are either Mirage or cache, both teams like that map.

But this match is a serious 50/50 gamble, just bet on who you personally feel will win. I feel its gonna be CLG but its totally random and it will depend on Pistolrounds and daily form.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter if you wanna see my bets =)

My odds for this match: Dignitas 50:50 CLG

Another close but interesting game here. I fancy CLG to take this. They always perform better at LAN, they always step it up when they have too, and they can cause a surprise and an upset to most sides. They looked good, and shaky in their match today against Navi, and if a few rounds could have been a bit different, they could of taken it.

I also feel like JDM will find it not that hard against Dignitas, as they lack a real quality AWP right now. Pimp was non existent today, and apart from aizy, I didn’t see anything that impressed me at all, or that would scare CLG. If they can shut down him, I think CLG will have a good chance here.

The real odds are still around 50-50, so going with Dignitas, you could argue is still a good bet. I just fancy CLG slightly here, and will go LOW on them if odds stay the same.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 50:50 CLG

BO1 between Dignitas and CLG, lets jump right in.

Dignitas = So obviously for about the 500th time yesterday, got demolished by Envy, nothing new to be honest unfortunately. Dignitas sure as heck got a very stable trend growing of getting absolutely, and I mean absolutely demolished, plowed, humiliated by tier 1 teams, and it happens so often and everytime that I just don’t understand how, at this point I reckon it’s a mental thing. Vs any team that is around Dignitas’ skill level or below, Dignitas most of the time do very well, so CLG in theory should not be as big of a challenge as Envy here of course. Yesterday for Dignitas Aizy had a really good game, unfortunately the rest of his teammates were unable to do anything at all, and that will be crucial for everyone to stepup here. Obviously they still have Tenzki, very new addition to the team so that may set them back a bit here.

CLG = CLG played Na’Vi yesterday, I think the score lies a little bit to be honest. It was 16:12, however it was never a 16:12. Na’Vi won the CT half 11:4, however every round they lost was due to individually having their aim let them down in easy situations, and then they lost a forcebuy because of their aim once again, which chained a reaction of 3 back to back rounds for CLG. Overall I definitely feel that a 15:0 half was very possible, but since it didn’t happen, CLG picked up pistol and from there on Na’Vi force bought and just took their dear time to close out the game. So overall, CLG’s performance didn’t really impress me, JDM did however standout as he was quite good, and could be a very worrying factor for Dignitas here.

Conclusion = I am going to slightly favor Dignitas here. Historically I think that Dignitas is the better team out of these two, and both of the teams performances yesterday did not impress me, as explained above. This could simply come down to who wins the impact rounds, pistols and what not as it sure is going to be really close. 55:45 in favor of Dignitas here, and since it is such high risk BO1, playing the odds is the best here. Since Dignitas are underdogs here on CSGL at the moment, at 45%, I will definitely be going low on them and recommend the same.

My odds = 55:45 Dignitas

Risk level = High

My bet = 3% Dignitas

My advice = 3% Dignitas

My odds for this match: Dignitas 55:45 CLG


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