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GameAgents League

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2015/11/05 20:00 UTC

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Volgare vs. Vexed @GameAgents League

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Both Volgare and Vexed are the two sole teams sitting at the bottom of the ladder. The rest of the games in the GameAgents league really shouldn’t matter too much to any of the teams, which could mean that they could decide to stuff around and they wouldn’t really be throwing anything away. There is no chance anymore for Volgare or Vexed to advance further in this league. After playing 8 matches, Vexed are sitting on just 4 points with no matches won (4 ties). Volgare have played 9 matches with no wins, and just 1 point for tying 1 match. Piss poor performances and attitude toward this league from both teams.


Interestingly enough, we see Zero on this team who used to play on Fraternitas before that deal fell through. Barcode from Orgless is also back on this team according to the expected HLTV lineup. I’m not sure if he is permanently here or what, but Barcode and DeadFox on one team was really deadly and made the best Hungarian team we have ever seen in CSGO.

Volgare have not been active at all. In October alone, they have played a mere 2 matches where they lost both. Their first match was long ago (14th) against Flipsid3, where we saw Volgare lose 0-2. Their last match was a lot more recent on the 31st of October against uX. They lost 0-2 but they did push Inferno into the final round before losing 14-16. This match was played with that insane mix with some non Hungarians (being jOELZ, Zero and Inzta).


Vexed to me are a hit or miss team, and they only do well and perform their very best when they need to (ie, matches which will contribute to attending LANs like a major qualifier). Since coming home from the major, Vexed played one match with that being against Piter. Vexed won 2-1 by taking Cobblestone and Overpass but dropped Dust 2. At the major, Vexed played Fnatic and Cloud 9, both on Cobblestone. Vexed managed to get 13 rounds off Cloud 9 and 10 round off Fnatic. They were sent home in the group stage though like the last major they attended. Still, qualifying for a major is huge.


Fairly risky match to bet on, but betting on Vexed wouldn’t be too bad of an idea considering that they definitely have the capabilities to take at least one map off Volgare, securing the skins. I’m not really sure how Volgare will perform with Zero on the team, since there will be a language barrier. Still, Vexed should win 1 map.

My odds for this match: Volgare 20:80 Vexed


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