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2015/11/05 18:00 UTC



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G2 vs. E-Frag @Starseries

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Hey everyone, exams are finally over and I’m back to predicting after taking a short break. I may be a little bit rusty but during my time off, I have tried hard to keep up with the scene. Please excuse any mistakes I make and feel free to point things out which I should improve on. Thanks!

Gamers 2

G2 have  been playing extremely well as of late. For one, they made it to the semi finals of the Dreamhack Cluj-Napocca major, before being knocked out by EnvyUs 1-2. Since coming home from the major which was just 4 days ago, they have played 1 match with that being against LDLC White. Although G2 did take home the win, they lost Inferno to the small time French team. However, using this match as a way to see the current form of G2 would not be to fair, as this match was littered with stand ins for both sides. RUBINO stood in for jkaem while Happy and Apex from  EnvyUs stood in for two of the players for LDLC White. If both teams played with their regular roster, a 2-0 would be the likely outcome of that match.

G2 just coming home from a major with $22,000 in their pockets is a good sight to see. I don’t think many people expected them to reach that far into the major and it’s a good sign that international teams can do well in professional CSGO. The small thought in my head is reminding me of how some teams can take a small ‘break’, performance wise after winning some cash at LAN events. I’m not sure if G2 is the type of team to do this though – which makes this match a pretty risky one to bet on.


E-frag has been looking great lately, and they have not lost for 8 games in a row, since mid October. Yesterday, they defeated EZSkins 2-0 as their first match of the month. Their no-loss steak started after tying with Mouz on the 14th of October. They then went on to tie CSGL twice and then 2-0’d Planetkey and Orgless before beating Vexed 2-0 one day and then 2-0 again the next day. E-frag to me are a great determined team, and they have caused upsets and close games in the past.

Their last encounter with a good (T1) team was in the middle of October when they played a BO3 against Na’vi which resulted in a 1-2 loss for E-frag.


I’m going to be throwing an ICB on E-frag if they remain >20% but I think asking for them to take two maps off a team packed full of experienced players may be a bit of a stretch, but betting full on a team of players that just came home from a major is a big no no for me. Still, I do think G2 should be able to win this match up.

My odds for this match: G2 80:20


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