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2015/11/09 19:00 UTC

Winner HR


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E-Frag vs. HR at GO:CL

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This should be a risky one, but I think Hellraisers should be favored. They’ve been looking so much better as a team, and I love their new lineup. Schneider is a great aimer who also has some good chemistry with the other players on the team, according to Oskar. Recently Oskar and Styko have been doing the best for Hellraisers. Oskar usually picks up the awp, and can make some huge plays with it. While many of of their recent online matches have been losses, their improving play really shone through in their recent match against NiP on Overpass. While Overpass is definitely one of NiP’s worst maps, Hellraisers still looked very good.

E-Frag’s online results have been extremely good recently, most notably a 2-1 win against Gamers2. Each map was very close, but they managed to pull out the win from Spyleader and Bubble. A lot of the time E-Frag don’t actually awp, but when they do have an awper it’s Bubble. Out of all players on the E-Frag lineup, Bubble is the player to watch out for. He’s been doing great in his recent matches, and if he manages to hit his shots with the awp this could be hard for Hellraisers.

While E-Frag have been doing absolutely amazing recently the best bet here is Hellraisers. They’ve really been coming together as a team, and Oskar and Styko have been playing insanely well. I think this will probably go to the third map, and it should be very close, so no high bets. Good luck!

My odds for this match: 45:55 HR

This match to me is a complete 50-50. This league is an online single elimination bracket league with a $50,000 prize pool. And although I know for a fact that E-frag and HR won’t win the whole thing, there is still potential for one of them to get into the top 4 and win some money at least.


The Bulgarians have been looking pretty damn fine as of late. This month, they have had two matches – both of which resulted in a win. Their last match we have seen was against G2, where we saw the series end 2-1 in favor of E-frag. All of the maps ended with very close scorelines, where the third map went into double OT (22-19 on Cache). The other match was against the UK EZSkins, ending in a 2-0 win with a relatively comfortable scoreline.


For the whole of this month, HR have been using schneider to fill the 5th spot in the team. HR have not been too active as of late, but they have had 4 BO1’s this month. They upset NiP on Train as their only win, but they did fall to EnvyUs and TSM twice. I believe that schneider is a good fit for the team, and individually, he is a crack shot. As for communications, I’m not sure how they will do since there are players from different nationalities (two that speak Ukranian, two that speak Serbian (?) and schneider that speaks Swedish).

Final thoughts + advice

Both of these teams are highly motivated to win. HR is looking to prove that their new lineup can compete at a semi-high level like the old days and E-frag has always had that vibe that they are always willing to put up a good fight. This is a 50-50 match for my eyes, but if I did have to pick a winner, I would go with HR. E-frag are the underdogs at the moment, and if they end up on 45% or lower, I’ll place some skins on them, but if not, then I’ll most likely end up skipping this match entirely. Should be a good match however, and it is likely that we’ll see a third map come out of this series.

My odds for this match: 50:50 HR


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