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GameAgents League

Best Of 3
2015/11/11 19:00 UTC

Winner FSid3
SK Gaming


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FSid3 vs. SK at GameAgents League

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Just some notes to begin with. Keep this in mind when reading this prediction. I think F3 and SK have a very similar skill level, almost identical if you will. But I do think F3 are the more motivated team here. They have stuck with their current lineup for quite some time and they are doing well with DavCost. The players are happier and they don’t have the stress of s1mple breathing down their back. The reason why I think they are motivated to do well in this league is because in the qualifier or the early part, they won all 10 of their matches. 7 wins and 3 ties. They did not lose a single game. This is a good indicator that they will be going for the $15,000 first place prize.

SK only just scraped by to the top 4. They won 5 of their matches and lost 5 of them, not tying any. They finished with 15 points at the end – just 1 point ahead of MaxAndRelax. I should also note that all 10 of their matches played in this league were not played with this lineup (k0nfig and tenzki) instead of them, now MagiskBoy and MODII are playing.

SK have a tendency to do well against teams better than them but sturggle a little bit against teams of their caliber. Out of their last 5 matches, they VSed against 3 T1 teams, winning one of them (16-12 VS NiP on Mirage) and losing two of them (against EnvyUs and TSM, taking 11 rounds off each). Not too bad, and their other two matches were ties against CSGL and Killerfish. F3 on the other hand have not played since coming home from Cluj-Napoca, where they were knocked out in the group stage by Mouz and TSM.

I’m going to be placing a small bet on F3 since they are the better team in my eyes and they have done extremely well to get to where they currently are. They played near-flawlessly in the group stage and mistakes here can not be made since it is a single elimination set up with the winner going on to the grand finals against the winner of E-frag VS Reason. Don’t get me wrong, SK are a great team as well, equal on F3’s skill level but F3 at the moment look to be on better form.

My odds for this match: FSid3 55:45 SK Gaming


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