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2015/11/14 19:15 UTC

Winner Luminosity


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LG vs. WinterFox at iBUYPOWER Cup

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Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time it will be between LG  and Winterfox it is a best of 1 and the map is TBA. This match is played on LAN.

Let me start of with LG. They are a great team on LAN to be honest. We saw them at Dreamhack Cluj and they had some very good games. against winterfox LG had some good results and they almost always come out on top.

Winterfox is a team that didnt attend alot of LAN events. Recently they aren’t doing to good but this might be because they were practicing for this event.

For this match i would favor LG to win. It is the first match of the event so LG might be a bit rusty but i don’t think Winterfox has what it takes to take out LG. Since it is lan you might want to go low on LG but personally i go medium.


My odds for this match: Luminosity 70:30 WinterFox

LG is most certainly one of the top NA teams right now, and at LAN they arguably are the best. WinterFox is a team with good players who have their moments, but all in all have proved to us that they aren’t living up to their potential. They can upset like I said, but it usually takes a certain criteria, like a recent one: a not so hot Team Liquid on their worst map, Mirage.

Map wise, LG has a huge advantage here. WF is decent on inferno, and I guess they aren’t bad on cbbl, but other than that they have nothing to show. Their track record on every other map is absolutely abysmal and it was not until I looked at it that I realized the state this team was in. LG on the other hand have a great map pool and can basically play any map you name.

LG as a whole have been absolutely on fire since cluj. Bar a 2-1 loss vs Titan and a 16-14 upset loss  vs Method on cache they have been on an absolute tear, and have won 13 out of the last 15 maps they have played. That is insane, especially when you consider the fact that this is against teams like Liquid, Cloud9, and Luminosity. Not to mention how they did perform at Cluj, taking down fnatic and Cloud9, only going out in a close one vs Na’Vi, getting 13 and 14 rounds on the two maps played.

Luminosity, even with it being a BO1, are pretty big favorites here, but as the odds show this is expected. With the return you’d be getting this bet simply is not worth and, and I can’t recommend anything but a skip. However if the odds do drop down below 70% for LG then medium on them would be a good bet!

My odds for this match: Luminosity 72:28 WinterFox

Luminosity is an extremely strong team, being on a win streak, though be it against NA teams which shouldn’t be much of a problem especially for a team like Luminosity. Luminosity is an extremely fast adapting team who learn from their opponents and play around the opponent’s plays, similar to old Virtus Pro.

On the other hand, we have WinterFox, who look like a rising NA team. they’ve been performing extremely well recently, especially with some team members who have made surprisingly great plays that displays their raw skill and aim from players such as Anger, Desi and Flowsick. This team is full of talent with potential and have a better chance at taking this game than their current odds. Although they have the skill, their IGL is weaker compared to Luminosity’s, making plays that are questionable when compared to Luminosity’s.

For now, I’m going to be calling this game for Luminosity, having the team looking like the best team in NA at the moment and looking extremely unstoppable right now. It’s very unlikely they’ll lose to WinterFox. Your skins should be going towards LG.

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My odds for this match: Luminosity 80:20 WinterFox


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