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2015/11/15 21:00 UTC

Winner Cloud9


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LG vs. Cloud9 at iBUYPOWER Cup

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LG seriously impressed me yesterday. They only gave up 5 total rounds between two maps vs two different teams, that’s crazy. But with all due consideration Renegades and WF were both pretty bad yesterday, but LG never even gave them a chance.

Cloud9 had a pretty good showing too. They took down CQ on inferno very handily, but I attribute that to two things. Conquest played very bad and I think they did not prepare to play on inferno vs C9. C9 also came up against coL , who they also destroyed. I put this one to C9 actually playing good. But vs Liquid on cache, C9 didn’t look too hot. Liquid did look good, but nothing amazing. This may have been on a map that slightly favors Liquid, but again we see C9 getting close but just not being able to get 16 in a map vs worthy competition.

Overall I was much more impressed with Luminosity’s form both going into and at the iBP Invitational.

Map wise LG gets another advantage. They are favorites on Mirage, inferno, and cbbl. They are slight favorites on Dust2 and overpass. Cloud9 is slight favorites on train and cache. The veto process will play a huge role but in the end should almost for sure favorite the Brazilians.

Can Cloud9 “upset”? Yes of course, but given the fact of just how good LG have seemed and their map pool I favor them a good bit here, and wouldn’t bet anything above medium.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 60:40 Cloud9

70-30 aren’t exactly realistic odds for this match.I usually like to go against the hype when betting, and while Luminosity should definitely be favored I give Cloud9 a better chance than 30%. LG went 2-0 in the groups with a easy win against Winterfox and a destruction of Renegades 16-0 starting T side Cobblestone. They’ve been playing really great this LAN and they’re favored to win the whole thing now. However, I don’t really think they will be able to 2-0 Cloud9.

Cloud9 have been looking a lot better at this LAN compared to their recent online matches. They’ve really woken up, and they surprised everyone by actually playing Inferno against Conquest and Complexity. It turns out that they’ve been working a lot on this map, as they won both matches 16-14 and 16-5. They had one tough game against Liquid on Cache. They lost 14-16, but it went down to the wire. One more thing to not is that Freakazoid has been playing very well this LAN, and he could very well be the MVP of Cloud9 in their upcoming match.

The only maps I would favor Cloud9 on would be Cache and MAYBE Train, but most other maps are 50-50 or in favor of Luminosity. The correct bet here is just an ICB/Low Cloud9, as 31% isn’t really accurate. Good luck.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 58:42 Cloud9


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