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2016/11/16 20:15 UTC

Winner G2 Esports
G2 Esports

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Astralis vs. G2 Esports CS:GO

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This is one of the most interesting matchups for today, basically two of the best teams from Group A besides Na’Vi, it’s quite hard to predict it as well. Generally speaking Gamers2 were better than Astralis pretty much forever, but lately they have been on a downhill, especially in Northern Arena where they lost to Heroic and OpTic. Astralis improved with gla1ve, it’s hard to see it at the moment as they didn’t show anything promising as of yet, but beating SK Gaming on ELEAGUE was a good start and we should see Astralis getting better from now on.

I picked Astralis to win this match, and the reasoning behind it is that their map pool seems to be better, it’s quite hard to predict the vetos, but the obvious bans would be cache and cobble from Astralis, while Gamers2 will most likely try to avoid mirage and either dust2 and either overpass or nuke, not sure about the last vetos, but the most likely scenario here would be either overpass or dust2, depending on G2’s vetoes, I’d say Astralis should have an edge on those two maps, they’ve been looking great on dust2 and recently beat SK Gaming on overpass. That being said, Astralis is my pick, although it’s extremely risky and I wouldn’t be surprised if G2 actually won that match.

My odds for this match: Astralis 55:45 G2 Esports

Another really hard to call game. G2 got to the final of the last event, but still have a lot of issues, and losing to OpTic is not something they will be happy about. Astralis are still finding their feet too. They had a good win over SK on Overpass but also split a poor series with FaZe and lost really badly to Dig. These games were online though, and perhaps they are saving their best form for LAN. The map is a hard one to pick here as well. It won’t be Mirage or Cobble, with there being slim chances of Nuke or Cache. This would then leave Overpass, D2 and Train. I don’t see it being Train and honestly D2 is the most likely option from these. D2 is a pretty 50-50 map, but I would give the edge just slightly to astralis. For now, I will leave it blank and wait and see the map. D2 – go on the underdog, Overpass go on astralis.

My odds for this match: Astralis 55:45 G2 Esports


Honestly G2 have been scaring me a bit recently. They attended Northern Arena and while they did make the finals by no means was it with an impressive road lol, I am still surprised they managed to beat Envyus and make it to the finals but oh well it is what it is. It’s pretty public knowledge that the French player contracts end sometime really soon so maybe the players aren’t concentrating/Working hard enough since they know that a swap is happening and we will finally see a French dream team, who knows but all I know is that G2 hasn’t been looking too good. With that said, you can’t count out a team that consists of Shox and ScreaM, especially Shox who can go off at times and simply win games by himself, if they want to take this he will definitely have to step up and lead his team to victory here. Astralis have been on the rise I feel and the addition of Gla1ve most certainly has been an encouraging one and honestly, right now I think that Astralis are the team that you can’t afford to sleep on. Astralis has always had the talent to compete with the best, no matter what memes you hear it’s just about them having the proper leadership and the players stepping up. I do favor Astralis here and comparing the form of both, it’s not looking good, not to mention that historically Astralis has had fun times versus G2. 55-45 Astralis here, BO1 after all, shox wins these in his sleep lol


3% Astralis under 62% otherwise 3% G2

My odds = 55-45 Ast

My risk = High

M ybet = 3% Astralis under 62% otherwise 3% G2

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Astralis 55:45 G2 Esports


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