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Esports Championship Series

Best Of 3
2016/12/11 22:30 UTC

Winner Astralis
SK Gaming

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Astralis vs. SK Gaming CS:GO

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This match is definitely not easy, but I’m going to use my rules from the previous days here and the main rule is betting against mix teams, SK Gaming is kind of a mix team as they played with fox for just a couple of days, on top of that, fox is not a very good player, in fact he’s pretty bad for a team of SK’s caliber, definitely not skilled enough to play on the top level, fox also can’t play his main role in SK as FalleN is simply a better awper and there is no way he’s going to give it up for fox.

Astralis are definitely better than SK Gaming right now, they beat the old SK with fnx, now it should be slightly easier when he’s not there. Astralis also had a very good start on this event, started off with a 16-7 win against OpTic and followed it up with yet another 16-3 stomp against FaZe, both matches were played on dust2 which shows how good Astralis are on that map, but then we also have maps like mirage, overpass and nuke, all three should be better for Astralis against the brazilian side here.

So as I said, it seems like Astralis are the favorites here, I still think SK Gaming is the best team in the world (without fox of course), so it’s quite risky, however I believe that Astralis will take it so my bet is on them.

My odds for this match: Astralis 55:45 SK Gaming

Hard game to call and a hard veto to predict. Neither side wants to play Cobble but astralis won’t want to really play cache either. Train I would favour a bit towards astralis, Overpass I would again favour astralis, d2 is pretty even, Mirage I would favour astralis, Nuke is pretty random. For these reasons alone, I almost feel like you have to go on ast unless there is the most random veto you have ever seen that comes out and we somehow end up with cache and Cobble. SK did beat dig, but they still showed a lot of weakness and with a stand-in they are still a lot weaker than they were before. LOW ast is the only bet you can make really.

My odds for this match: Astralis 60:40 SK Gaming


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