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Rising Stars

Best Of 2
2016/05/17 20:00 UTC

Winner LDLC

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ATN vs. LDLC at Rising Stars

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Okay, this may seem weird for some people but I actually think that Alternate should be favored in this match, they’ve been playing together for a very long time and pulled off many impressive upsets in the past, while LDLC is a brand new team of leftovers from ex-LDLC teams and Ex6TenZ, I don’t see anything special in that team, maybe besides to1nou who’s a great player.

LDLC played only a single match so far, it was a 2-0 victory over Tricked which is HUNDEN’s new team, I wouldn’t give too much credit to LDLC for that win, Tricked is simply not a very good team and anyone could beat them to be honest, that was the only match unfortunately, not much information about LDLC besides that.

Alternate played ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2016 Finals recently, they beat PENTA’s secondary lineup and lost a very close match against LeiSuRe in the grand final, not the best performance but LeiSuRe is a decent team. Alternate are not in the same form they were few months back, but they are doing fine, they took a map off of SK Gaming, ENCE, lost a couple of close matches against AGG, HellRaisers, Torpedo and beat few weaker teams.

This match is extremely hard to call, mostly because LDLC is a new team, but this is a best of two and I believe Alternate will take one map if it’s cobblestone or overpass, decent match for an underdog bet.

My odds for this match: ATN 55:45 LDLC

Option 2Tiny bet on the underdog

Token Bet

Pick the team with the lowest odds, place a small amount of money you don't mind losing.


EDIT: Keev not playing either, probably their best player. Don’t have too high hopes, one downgrade is ok, two is a nono I feel, plus this makes me question the atmosphere in the team. I’d skip but since I’ve already have a pred written up and you can’t cancel bets, 65:35 in favor of LDLC. 5% LDLC under 72%, otherwise 2% ATN.

EDIT2: After thinking about it even more without the rush of needed to insta update you guys, this is closer to a 70-30 given how it is a BO2. Really struggle to see LDLC not picking up a map here to at least get a 1-1 tie and skins returned. 5% LDLC under 77%, otherwise 2% ATN.

Ehm do not understand the odds at all really, currently 70-30 in favor of LDLC which is interesting to say the least. LDLC are while yes a promising roster, not really tested as a team nor proven themselves really. As individuals sure they have potential in there however I mean, does’t mean success has to come right away. ATN on the other side while yes they just made a roster change which in my eyes is a downgrade, however we know what they are capable of and have proven themselves in the past, they aren’t going through the best of form at the moment, however you can’t count them out, not 30% worthy that’s for sure. For me this is a game that could really go eitherway, and given how it is a BO2, will probably end in a 1-1 split if anything, like these do most of the time. Not much to say here, however 50-50 game for me, just go low on the underdog.


3% Underdog

My odds = 50-50

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Underdog

My advice = 3% Underdog.

My odds for this match: ATN 30:70 LDLC

Option 2Bet ATN if odds 23% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

I did think that ATN would have a chance in this game, but with it being a BO2 and they not having keev and a new player in syrsoN, I do think it really unlikely that they will be able to win both maps against a hard working LDLC side. Keev is an important player for them, their main AWP, one of their main players, and looking at gimpens stats, it does not look good for them going into this game. LDLC have been at a bootcamp and been working hard and looked decent enough in their first game. With it being a BO2, I still think it could be close, but the side more likely of taking both maps is of course LDLC, and under 80%, you can risk 5% on them if you wish.

My odds for this match: ATN 30:70 LDLC

Option 2Skip


Don't waste money on this match.


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