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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2016/05/05 20:00 UTC

Winner ATN

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ATN vs. Secret.fe at Operation Kinguin

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This is one that should be pretty easy for ATN, or so I hope. If ATN does manage to lose this I might just give up on the team, they are not looking the best right now, however they are losing because of the mistakes they make, high advantage rounds they are losing and what not, because they are playing teams that will punish that, not only will Secret not punish those mistakes, but also skill wise this should just be a massive advantage for ATN. ”But Kristyscrub Juliano beat Cadian in 1v1 BO3 and ZaaZ nearly upset Kennys”, Those do not mean anything, ok have kinda however the skill involved in those 1v1 maps is minimal. I am a DMG scrub with horrible aim since I never practice and I managed to get 12 rounds vs JMQA from Method, Michu made the finals ahead of all those tier 1 players involved, 1v1’s mean nothing, not hard to preaim angles and prefire. Don’t get me wrong, Secret are not terrible, they literally demolish every single female there is. Think Secret is like the only tier 1 team for females, rest are tier 2 and below lol. However when it comes vs Males, especially tier 2 males, they have shown in the past to struggle a whole bunch and here, should not stand much of a chance. It is Operation Kinguin, however there is pride involved here I feel, don’t think ATN will lose. 85-15 ATN


15% ATN here

My odds = 85-15 ATN

My risk = Low

My bet = 15% ATN

My advice = Same as my bet, odds are going to be very high so obviously bet if only your 15% is above 300$ or else you will not get a decent return.

My odds for this match: ATN 85:15 Secret.fe

I don’t really like betting on 90% odds, however this match should be easy for Alternate, female teams are not very good and even though Secreft is the best female team at the moment, they don’t practice nearly as much as Alternate, for the record, some of Secret’s players didn’t even play a single hour of CS:GO in the last two weeks and that’s just ridiculous, they might actually forfeit this match because something isn’t right.

Not gonna talk about Secret’s results because they only played against other female teams, but Alternate 2-0’d HellRaisers and had two very close matches against ENCE and SK Gaming, that’s more than enough to destroy Team Secret and I’m gonna be very surprise if Alternate drop a map in this matchup.

My odds for this match: ATN 90:10 Secret.fe

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Don't waste money on this match.

Secret are the best female team and we saw a couple of their players performing okay against men at the 1v1 HTC thing, but overall, this is a team that can not compete with men. With this being a BO3, the chances of them making a game out of this remain really small. The last times they played against male sides, they got barely over 5 rounds, against sides lesser than ATN. This should be a comfortable win, and if by some chance the female side manages to take this, then something is seriously up. LARGE on ATN, or SKIP. The EGB odds 1.4 are crazy for ATN, and if you have an account on there, for sure take advantage of this.

My odds for this match: ATN 80:20 Secret.fe


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