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2016/07/20 16:10 UTC

Winner Bpro

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Bpro vs. PlayZone at Rising Stars

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Not sure what odds to expect here, by the time I’m writing this the odds are floating at around 80-20 for Bpro, I would probably skip if the odds stayed like this but I expect something around 65-35 maybe 70-30 for Bpro when the odds settle, many people will question my decision as PlayZone have a pretty stacked lineup of very experienced and well known players such as cadiaN and SandeN who played on the top level for a long time, then there is queztone from old nEophyte / HellRaisers lineup and tabu who also played on a pretty high level with Escape, not sure about FliP1 as this guy is a pugger but he seems to be fine too.

On the other side we have Bpro which is the second best team in Bulgaria, I didn’t really like their team as they’ve been losing to random nonamers and also dropped two maps in ESEA Intermediate which is really bad, but recently Bpro improved a ton and managed to take a map off of PENTA and LDLC, then also 2-0’d eSuba, that’s pretty impresive considering that the maps they won against PENTA and LDLC were pretty one sided and that’s a massive improvement on Bpro’s side so they are actually decent now.

Not too confident here but I expect Bpro to win at least one map, not only because they improved recently but also PlayZone’s players are very low on hours, each of them played around 15-20 hours in the last two weeks which is pretty much nothing, so don’t expect too much from them.

My odds for this match: Bpro 65:35 PlayZone

Not really sure what to write for this one. I was hoping that Bpro would be underdogs against this stacked roster and then I would suggest a bet on them, but unfortunately others seem to have realised that Bpro are a decent side and more underrated than people think. Looking at the roster for PZ, if that is indeed their roster, it is a scary thing. They have really skilled and experienced players throughout their roster, and that makes the odds for this game slightly interesting. It really depends on how these guys come together, and how they perform as a team. Their form so far in their previous games, was hardly impressive. They had a really close game against MK with a slightly worse roster than they have now, so that’s something to remember. Overall, we have worse players and a better team up against better players but a worse team. Hard to call right now, I will most likely play the odds, and go LOW on PZ. There is a high chance this will be 1-1 and you will at least get your skins back.

My odds for this match: Bpro 50:50 PlayZone


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