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2015/09/02 02:00 UTC

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Lunatik vs. CLG @CEVO

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Lunatik have looked really good lately, ever since they took in stanislaw as a IGL. They have a lot more organistion and he is also a good fragger too. They are for sure a team on the rise and a team to look out for. Their players you would have to say, lack the experience and skill right now to take down a team such as CLG 2-0. The best I think they can hope for is a 1-1, with a tiny chance of a 2-0.

CLG didn’t seem to take their game last night vs coL that serious after the first map, with FNS buying a Negev, and the overall play seeming quite ‘troll’. I can see them doing the same here, taking the first map mega serious, and then messing around.

With these odds though, the best idea you can do is shove some trash on Lunatik, and hope for the best. This is the first real test for them to see how far they have come, and although I think CLG will take this, it will be an interesting game.

My odds for this match: Lunatik 30:70 CLG

Just going to jot down some of my quick thoughts on this match. The new LunatiK lineup is looking quite powerful for a T2 NA team, and this can be seen by them beating NME just a couple of days ago. There is potential for them to take one map off CLG in this series. This will be their second game with this roster and with the name ‘Orgless’.

As for CLG, they are looking to be in a decent form at the moment. Since coming home from Cologne, they have played two matches.Their most recent match was against Complexity (ex-Maximum Effort/Nihilum). The end result was a 1-1 tie with CLG dropping Cobblestone on the final round and then playing Mirage really tightly and just managing to win, 16-13. The game before that was against Liquid, and the end result was a 2-1 win for CLG.

This match has a chance to end as a tie, and I do think that Lunatik does have the potential to take a map, securing the skins. Due to the lack of results from LunatiK’s new lineup, I wouldn’t advise to bet on this match. CLG are the clear favorites here and shouldn’t let LunatiK take two maps off them.

My odds for this match: Lunatik 25:75 CLG


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