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2015/08/26 04:15 UTC

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TStorm vs. 3sUP @CEVO

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Sponsorless is the ex-Tempo Storm lineup, which achieved a couple of good things, including taking Na’vi to their limits and more at a LAN. Though, the roster did change as they were dropped from their sponsor, and now they don’t have anyone to look after them, really. One of the members did say that they did have a couple of interesting offers coming in, so I don’t think that they would just throw this match away since they don’t have a sponsor. They will either play well to impress organisations which are interested or play like normal.

Under the name ‘Sponsorless’, they have played two matches, both of which being for CEVO-P S8. Their most recent match was with the roster which they are using in this match, and it was against Mortality. Sponsorless really were pushed to their breaking point, as both of the maps went into OT, however Sponsorless still did manage to win, but just barely. 28-26 on Cache and 19-16 on Inferno. Insanely close. The game before that was against Maximum Effort, where the game ended as a 1-1 tie, with Maximum Effort taking Cache and Sponsorless taking Infenro. Do keep in mind that Hiko was NOT playing for Maximum Effort in this match.

Sponsorless actually have a really good roster in terms of fragging. Shazam can play the AWP very well when he is having a good day, and NAF is a young NA talent who has the same skill level of some of the top NA players. Rush, daps and ryx all have been on good teams (Elevate, Liquid and Tempo Storm), and all three have had their good moments and been good for a period of time. This lineup definitely does have potential to wreck face and cause havoc in the future when they get picked up.

3sUp is the ex-Affinity roster with the removal of focs. Back when they were known as Affinity, they used to be one of my favorite T2 teams, because they would upset many teams which were better than them and they also could uphold their position as one of the best T2 NA teams. I would say that 3sUp is a somewhat inconsistent team, BUT if they are having a good day or if they’re just switched on, they really could make this series a butt clencher.

As 3sUp, they have had four games, all but one being for CEVO-P. Their most recent match was on the 20th of August, when they were put up against Maximum Effort. 3sUp won the series, 2-0 which is a pretty good achievement. In that match, 3sUp looked pretty dominant, as they took Dust 2 and Cache. Both of the scorelines ended in the likes of 16-10 and 16-11, which isn’t too close. Here were their two matches before that:

TIE VS Enemy – 1-1
LOSS VS LunatiK – 0-2

Their loss against LunatiK was a shocker for me, as 3sUp didn’t even get remotely close to winning. All in all, they managed a measly 9 rounds across two maps. 3sUp also probably should’ve lost the game against NME, as the scores are also pretty close, but by a stroke of luck or insane team play, they did win Dust 2 which secured the tie. This type of thing makes me a bit worried to bet on or against them. They lose horribly to LunatiK, but then just a few days after, they go on to woop Maximum Effort’s ass, 2-0’ing them. Inconsistent.

My personal odds are 65-35 and I’m going balls to the wall and going medium on Sponsorless. I believe that their lineup is just superior to 3sUp, so unless arya pulls any fresh strats out of his book, I can’t see 3sUp taking two maps off Sponsorless. Pretty risky stuff here, as I don’t really know the condition of 3sUp, and the fact that they are just so inconsistent. Medium on Sponsorless is what I’m going to be doing.

My odds for this match: TStorm 65:35 3sUP


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