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2016/04/25 01:00 UTC

Winner CLG
Echo Fox

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CLG vs. EchoFox at ECS

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Alrighty so right off the bat Moe will not be playing for EchoFox here, all praise the lord. Instead XP3 from Winterfox will be playing here, -Insert Winterbot joke here-, but honestly on a individual level XP3 can be pretty good when he is feeling it, and for the sake of everything he is definitely a better AWP’er compared to Moe, so all of a sudden EchoFox is looking a lot stronger here, and honestly would not surprise me if XP3 permanently replaced Moe, if the team wants to go somewhere him and A2Z have to get a step on. Now CLG should be favored here, they should be winning this BO3 infact, however CLG online right now? By the words of Tarik himself, ”CLG Online 4Head”, that was his tweet yesterday after getting absolutely stomped by OpTic, and a day before they got absolutely stomped on by Splyce. Like I am just not feeling this at all, all of a sudden EchoFox is looking stronger, however CLG should be winning, however they are complete garbage right now, like complete complete, this just screams yet another skip for me. 60-40 in favor of CLG, however just skip this.


Skip this, too much meh involved.

My odds = 60-40 CLG

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: CLG 60:40 Echo Fox

CLG have been struggling of late, but it is hard to tell if it is partially down to pita not being there, or because they don’t care about their ESL matches. I would like to think it’s a bit of both. I am not 100% sure if pita is there or not tonight, but judging from the tweet of his empty chair, I would like to think not. This obviously makes CLG weaker as a side, but whether or not they will still play at a decent level or not, remains to be seen, and makes this a risky one. Echo Fox also have a roster change, with moE not playing tonight. He claims it is for personal reasons, but I have a feeling he might be being replaced. Their stand-in for tonight will be XP3, who is decent when on his game, but poor when not. Overall though, with the unsure nature of CLG with pita, and the stand-in for Echo Fox, the safest option here, is to SKIP. If you like a risk though, and can afford one, a LOW CLG bet would be advisable.

My odds for this match: CLG 60:40 Echo Fox

Option 2Bet CLG if odds 55% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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