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2015/12/02 02:30 UTC

Winner FE

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CLG vs. FE at Starseries

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Both teams here are closer in terms of skill and performance level than others think. Team Follow Esports has a lineup similar in terms of skill, strats and performance compared to CLG. If anything, FollowEsports has a better chance at taking this game than the odds say.

Team CLG has a talented lineup that’s been going strong with players such as JDM64, Hazed and Tarik. Although the team has peeked already, CLG is still an extremely strong competitor in the NA scene but they’re edge is getting dull as other NA teams are coming up and crushing CLG. Teams such as Conquest and Enemy, fairly new teams when compared to CLG, are performing at higher if not similar levels to CLG. CLG is losing their edge and there’s a high chance they’ll lose to Follow Esports here.

Follow Esports is one of the NA teams showing huge potential for a runner up for the role of the NA hope with the type of talent that runs on the team. Players such as Stewie2k and slemmy being fantastically growing riflers, along with ptr being one of the strongest AWPers in the NA scene who can compete against JDM64. Performance has shown similar levels when compared to CLG although losing, it’s to these extremely high tiered teams such as Cloud9 and Luminosity who have been known to take out the top three csgo teams. And even thogh FE lost, they had put up some high round numbers for a low tiered and new rising NA team. Follow Esports is showing potential and this game would be a perfect game to show it.

In the end, CLG still has the edge, looking strong winning against Complexity while FE loses to Denial although FE should still have a higher chance than the odds suggest and we’re looking to take advantage of that. A small bet on FE is recommended.

My odds for this match: CLG 60:40 FE

CLG are definitely one of the better North American teams, and they should usually win a match like this. However their recent results just haven’t been good. They were disappointing at both the iBuyPower Lan and the RGN Lan, going out very early in both. They had a short break in between Lans where they played Winterfox and Conquest, and they went 1-2. Both matches were very close, but they ended up falling to Conquest on Inferno. CLG then went to IEM San Jose where they played one BO3 against Gamers2 and lost 0-2. While CLG are one of the top American teams they haven’t been getting the results they should be. CLG are also known for not playing as well online. Sometimes it seems like they don’t care or don’t try, and this match really depends on what CLG we see show up today.

Follow Esports have a great lineup and a lot of potential. Their online results haven’t been the best however. They just lost to Denial 0-2 which was actually a pretty big match for them. While they have been losing a lot, they’re mostly against strong teams such as the recent Faceit tournament. Follow Esports had some pretty close matches, but ended up losing to Luminosity and Cloud9. As I said their lineup has a lot of potential. Stewie2k is a great player who in my opinion deserves a top NA team. While he for sure wasn’t very impressive at Faceit, his online results have been very good. Ptr is a great awper who can put a good fight up against JDM64. Back when FE were ex-eLevate they played CLG and won 2-1, with mainly rooRoo, Stewie, and PTR having great games.

Overall I feel that two things need to happen for Follow Esports to win. First of all, they need to play a lot better than they did against Denial yesterday. This is definitely possible, and they’ve showed they can play up to CLG’s skill three months ago when they beat them 2-1. The second thing is that CLG usually don’t play as well in online matches because they don’t try/don’t care. If this happens I can see Follow Esports winning this, but if CLG take this game very seriously they will probably win. The best bet right now is low on Follow Esports because they do have the potential to win this game.

My odds for this match: CLG 64:36 FE


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