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2016/06/07 20:30 UTC

Winner SK Gaming
SK Gaming

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CLG vs. SK at ELeague

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Honestly we should all be skipping this, however since I already called a skip on Astralis vs NRG and I’ve got big….testicles I will call a bet here. I actually think that SK is the better team here, plain and simple, however there is more going into that here. Ok this might get a bit long, but hopefully not. So CLG are using Pita here which I am not very enthusiastic about, I do not think he will completely suck, however seeing how he is their in-game leader, not sure how well he will do that role now, but we’ll see. Also strong speculation that JDM is going to Liquid, and on the other side also strong speculation that Pimp is going to Liquid lol, ahm bit of roster difficulties amongst both teams. SK on the otherside yes I think they are the better team, they have a more stable 5 and I think their 5 have a higher potential compared to CLG, however what are they doing on LAN. They always sucked on LAN, went on GFinity, did really well, then attended a LAN a week or two later and did worse than they ever have lol, and right now both teams form wise are completely awful. Also apparently this SK roster is getting dropped by the SK roster really soon, and I am not sure how confident I am in them sticking together.

Basically, TL:DR this is a game of problems vs problems. CLG has shown us that they are good at these LAN BO1’s, however they have a standin here, and if it is true that JDM is leaving, who knows. Both teams suck right now, idk who sucks more, hard to decide but yeah, I do not see why either team really deserves to be favorites here given that it is a BO1. You should really skip this but if you are an addict like the rest of us, welcome aboard. I have a feeling SK will take at least a map here, if not both, they just need to stop sucking on LAN, and I could even push myself to say SK should be favored here, but eh putting trust into SK on LAN is bad. 50-50 game.


3% underdog.

My odds = 50-50

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Underdog

My advice = 3% Underdog

My odds for this match: CLG 50:50 SK Gaming

Option 2Bet CLG if odds 50% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

So this is a best of one between two decent tier 2 teams, normally I’d think it’s going to be very close, especially since both teams were playing extremely bad lately and CLG won the last encounter, however I believe that SK Gaming will win today, they attended this event with their original lineup, while CLG will use pita who is their coach and not the best player when it comes to fragging, they played a couple of online matches with him and it didn’t go well.

SK Gaming won CEVO S9 Professional Finals not too long ago, they played really well there, but something happened after that event and they suddenly became really bad, SK lost against Dobry&Gaming, HellRaisers, Epsilon, Orbit, Worst Players and ENCE, beat D&G, Escape and Alternate, these results are not that bad, but definitely not good compared to their performance on CEVO Finals.

CLG used different players for their matches, one day they played with LILMAN, the next day they used pita instead, so I wouldn’t really look at their results as they won’t really matter, but the matches they played with pita went really bad, CLG lost to Cloud9, OpTic, Liquid and TSM, they won only a single map against Cloud9 once and that’s basically it, not to mention that pita had less than 10 frags on 4 out of 7 maps he played with CLG.

Both teams played really bad in the recent time, however SK Gaming should have an advantage since they are going to play with the original lineup without any stand ins, I also believe they are better than CLG overall, I’d go with SK here and also in the second match (if they win this one).

My odds for this match: CLG 40:60 SK Gaming

Really random game as the first map is Nuke, I would honestly avoid betting on this game as it is far too random. I suspect one side won’t have practiced the map that much and were merely hoping the other would remove it, but knowing which one is the hard bit. The other key thing is, even if CLG have not really played it, the way SK played on LAN last time, might mean they play terrible even when they are more prepared. SK did have one good event, but overall I don’t really expect much here. CLG are hard to predict as well, as they often seem better at LAN, but also have really poor performances too. If I had to pick one side, I would go with CLG, but it is a close one and saving your skins is more advisable.

My odds for this match: CLG 55:45 SK Gaming

Option 2Bet SK Gaming if odds 45% or less
SK Gaming

Small (2%)

high risk


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