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2016/08/22 02:00 UTC

Winner Cloud9
OpTic Gaming

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Cloud9 vs. OpTic Gaming

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Cloud9 have been looking really strong for the most part recently. Train on top of this, is one of their best maps. It has been a good map for OpTic too in the past but we have yet to see them play it with tarik, and they seemed to be a bit off in their last games. Stanislaw was a very different player, and they still need tarik to find his role and spot in the side. C9 have been almost unstoppable lately, with their only real blip coming against NRG on D2, which as I have said time and time again, is a big upset map. The second map is Cache, which is historically a really strong map for both sides. I do feel that OpTic have a chance on both maps, but the chance is higher on Cache, just slightly. Because of these reasons, I would suggest a LOW bet on C9 for Train and a LOW bet for OpTic on Cache.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 60:40 OpTic Gaming

Another double header for ESL Pro League and this time we are starting off with a great map for Cloud9, train is definitely one of their best maps (if not the best) right now, they absolutely outplayed NRG on it beating them 16-1, that’s actually insane because NRG are also great on train, they took 14 rounds off of Astralis on it and it was one of the biggest lan events of all time, so Cloud9 beating them 16-1 means a lot.

Optic are just fine on that map, they had a couple of very good results like 14 rounds against Gamers2 and NiP, also beat teamsl ike Immortals and FlipSid3 on it, but they also lost a ton of matches against CLG and TSM for example, not to mention how bad Optic looked yesterday which is obviously caused by their recent roster change where they replaced stanislaw with tarik, this is a terrible change in my opinion, stanislaw is one of the smartest players in North America and he was pretty consistent, definitely not a star / stand out player, but he always showed up when it was needed, yet he got replaced by another “no brain just aim” player.

So yea I think Optic’s recent change made them way worse, at least for now, and their chances against Cloud9 are not that great, at least on train, I’m pretty sure Cloud9 will take it and I’m taking the risk with a medium bet here.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 70:30 OpTic Gaming


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